The entertainment value of slow paced games

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The entertainment value of slow paced games

hey, i've been wondering ever since i bought this game, if i can see myself playing this for a very long time or not. basically i'm curious as to whether or not the game will keep itself exciting even when a person very experienced with the game is playing it. I did a video describing what i enjoy and dislike about the game (which can be found here ). but i wonder if i can keep playing this game thinking that something new and exciting will always happen. In other words, i guess i'm interrested in hearing, if the game has enough randomization and intensity to stay as fun as it currently is for me

I find that, in it's current state, the game doesn't have much to offer once you have full military grade equipement, and you've collected all the lore goodies, at least for that char. Ofc, this already means dozens of hours of gameplay (counting all the failed tries). And you can always start a new char and try a different build.