Guess the Apocalypse! [SPOILERS?]

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Guess the Apocalypse! [SPOILERS?]

So based on what newspaper articles mention, how do you think the apocalypse went about?

My guess: Food become increasingly dependent on cloned meat, which for a while stabilized the world's food need. However a virus spread through animals. The "Swedish Death" as it was called at the early signs, when birds dropped out of the sky in droves. This virus spread to the cloned livestock, who are all genetically alike and have no chance of immunity therefore, and killed them all. Food riots ensued and civilization collapsed.

At least that's what I think. Any other theories?

Ketchup Packet Hoarder

I've only been playing for little under a week, but here is what I've gathered so far.

Every country in the world has fallen into war over resources (mainly food) and national security's budget is at an all time high. It's expensive trying to protect the citizens from rioting for food and the USA soon ran out of money to do so. The country enters the biggest depression they've ever been in, and the security budget falls drastically. With nobody to protect the citizens from themselves, mass riots ensued and the country fell probably with the rest of the world collapsing too. Detroit was walled off as the last beacon of civilization. Although, I don't know how to really explain the dogmen...

My guess on Dogmen is that they're like Deathclaws in fallout. A zoological weapon that got loose when its tamers died off.

Ketchup Packet Hoarder

OMG im still afraid of Deathclaws!! My guess is that Dogman was intentionally unleashed on the world like a virus to kill off those that oppossed the powers that be. Just a really violent way of going about it!!

I think i know the dogman story there are a bunch of news papers talking about supersoldier experiments and some about failed ones i think that the dogman is a failed supersoldier.