[0.9932b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.9932b] Bugs and Issues

1.) You need to consider renaming Glass Shiv to just Shiv now that you've added plastic shards. Previously the only items you could use to craft them were glass shards (and glass shivs -- hello recursion for infinite storage of clean rags!)

2.) I think the water analyzer auto-recipe is broken. I can only get the game to select unidentified infected water or already identified infected water through the known recipes tab. If no infected water is present, the recipe treats it the same as if you were missing ingredients. Manually adding (unidentified sterilized) water works fine, though.

Actually, I've always been annoyed the game isn't smart enough to avoid re-analyzing the same infected water droplet over and over, but I understand that's a limitation of the way you handled the hidden properties for those recipes. I guess we've back-burnered any fix for using the droplet stacking exploit to identify safe water for the same reasons.

Okay, got another one:

I got tagged by the skycorps guys on the way out after tossing the concrete forest apartment. The encounter seems to be stuck -- I get captured and led to the holding area, but the interview ends after the first scene with the case handler. I get the line of dialogue "What is your full name, address, and date of birth?" but the Confirm button exits the encounter at that point. I am never charged or released, the game just drops me back into the DMC map. After leaving and reentering the DMC I get detained at the gate, the encounter gets to the SAME place, then drops me back outside. I am never fully processed and never informed that I'm banned. Every time I reenter I get the same.

Something's broken.

I can provide you the save, if that helps. Guess I have to go XML diving, to try and figure out how to fix my save. I REALLY wish I'd made a backup now -- this was easily the most advanced character I'd ever run in the vanilla game

Could you provide the save? It might have some clues. I tried retracing your steps, but the events worked normally.

I did, however, find a bug which could be related. Something I added recently caused a bug in the conditions code which would cause some conditions to be ignored when they shouldn't. (E.g. degrading DMC bracelet from "new" to "used" should remove and then re-add the "DMC authorized" tag, but it wasn't happening) Since the next encounter screen relies on certain conditions being present, there's a chance this is related.

I've fixed the bug, in any case, and will try to upload a new build today.

For the shiv, you're right. So I fixed that, too. And as for the water, I'll have to look into that. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games


Hope that works -- I don't generally mess with uploading stuff to public sites.

The bug still exists under the new version, although it may just be an aspect of the conditions on the character in the save.

Okay, I think I've found the problem. I'll walk you through it.

From the save I linked I enter the DMC. I'm pulled aside at the DMC gate (encounter 26 routed to encounter 1543) for condition 598 Flagged by DMC Guard. I go through the waiting period in the holding area (encounter 35), then am sent for questioning. Encounter 35 can only route me to encounter 1545, since I'm flagged and encounter 38 is thus unavailable. The ONLY encounter I can reach from 1545 is 1544 BUT!!! I'm ALSO flagged either 435 wanted by DMC police or 481 police called at concrete forest (I know the latter is true). That means the only response from 1545 (which is 1544, if you recall) is INVALID due to preconditions (-435,-481,598).

You get all that? Basically I managed to get flagged in such a way that the system doesn't know what to do with me an drops the encounter prematurely.

Now that I've spent 30 hours in a DMC holding cell and they FORGOT to take away my laptop... *HACK HACK HACK* disconnecting encounter 30 from preconditions *HACK HACK HACK*

Now let's see them exile me! (>.>)

Placed 2 noise traps into a campsite. Moved 1 trap from site to ground. Stacked other trap from site with trap on ground. Placed both traps back to site. A net positive gain to Alertness can be seen.

Dualists: one soul, two bodies. dualists.wordpress.com

I seem to be gaining maximum movement points from status effects that should be lowering them. My max movement rate was 5/turn. I got blisters (why exactly I am not sure bc I had both shoes on the correct foot. I WAS tired). My max movement rate seemed to go up to 6. Then while scavenging an apartment I ran into some black mold. After my throat became irritated, my max movement rate went up to 7/ turn.

Here is a pic of my character that shows what I mean:

When using the auto-pickup (hotkey 1) I seem to be able to stack strips onto my sling.
Here is a pic, where I circled the inventory squares:

Hey efed, Tactless,

There was a bug in v0.9932b which caused conditions to sometimes not get applied or removed. I think I've got that fixed in v0.9933b, which I just uploaded. Would you mind checking to see if v0.9933b is better?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

My exploit is still there, Dan. Will repost the problem in a new thread.

Dualists: one soul, two bodies. dualists.wordpress.com

I will get v0.9933b and see if my max move seems to get inflated. When I left off playing last night I was up to 8 move/ turn. I made it to DMC in a little over 2 days when walking only during daytime. lol

Blisters on foot gives me +1 movement amount

May your hacked devices always have a five thousand dollar Miley Syrup twerking video.