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A few questions

Hey there to everybody got a few questions and since they are no bugs and I don´t want to further annoy the Admins and Creator, maybe some wiser players can give me short updates. Didn´t find the answers in forum as well as wiki but maybe they were discussed already and one remembers...

1. Got version 9922b and a quite advanced game. When updating to the newest version is the ingame save gone and I have to start anew or is it compatible and I can continue normal play?

2.1. Can the player use lockpicking tools when not taking the skill?
2.2. If yes, do I need them when being skill strong as well as having a crowbar?
2.3. If I can need them, then what for? Until now didn´t find anything to use them on.
Always carrying them with me but to no use is stupid...

3. Is using a sauce pan more positive or negative than using a soup can? Because obviously the soup can is much better. Has no degrading, can craft the same things, can be used to craft something, takes lesser space and also 4 places can be used to stuff other things in. It is in all relations way much better than sauce pan...???

4. Is there any use to laptops, cell phones, pads (as long as they are locked) apart from selling for money IF the player character does not have the skill hacking? Or are they then useless because I can´t do anything with them and the data inside...?

Thanks for the answers

1 - The save should stay and, for the most part, should be playable. But some of the stuff added with the recent build will not update, until you'll start a new game - most prominently, the newly added encounters will not show until restart.

2.1 - Nope
2.2 - Player can use all the tools available for him, so while it is not possible to use lockpicks without knowing the Lockpicking skill, if you would have both Lockpicking and Strong, you could use both.
2.3 - You can sell them, of course. But, other than that, the tool exist in the world whether you know the skill necessary to use it or not.

3 - Sauce pan allows to boil up to 3 droplets of water at one time, saving you both time and micro-managing. It also allows to clean up to 3 rags, where the can can only do one at a time.

4 - If you'll manage to buy/find unlocked iSlab/Smartphone, you can use the apps that are available for those - lamp (which works like a flashlight), GPS (which allows to discover new scavenging locations) and Spoofer (which is only useful in some in-encounter hacking situations).

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Actually you can use lockpicking tools without lockpicking, you just cant craft them if you find some or buy them you should be able to use them.

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Also note that the pan degrades like a tenth of a percent per use -- you'll never have an issue with it wearing out even if you are forced to use it as a melee weapon. The issue I've always found with it is the added weight.