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I don't remember it being this strong back when I used mod merge in 0.987

Yeah. xD

To be fair, that damage was done in 2 different encounters with this dude. First time he attacked, I broke both his legs and made him surrender and stole his stuff. Then at night, this same fool sneaks right next to me, crawling of course, and wakes me up so I just mangled his arms with the bat and then killed him by demolishing his head with one last swing.

So as you can see, he had a little time to recover. :P

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hey does anyone know how to use this with mighty mini mod of doom? like change the getmod.php thing so they both work?

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DnaJur does. He posted a thread about it with a download patch a while ago. :P

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do you have a link to said thread? thanks in advance!

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Here you go.

So, I was trying to bring back gun repair into the game but I'm having some problems with it. Honestly, I can't understand how I managed to make it work. :P

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Isn't it suppose to be simply 2 recipes?

Yup. But the repair recipes are re spawning the ingredients used in the first recipe so you end up with the fixed gun and one of the guns consumed in the first recipe.

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Adding rifle to strDestroyed does not help?

It does, but that also means you cannot reverse the recipe. Some people used this feature for transportation and to make the rifles use less space and adding it into the strDestroyed list means all ingreds come back but the gun.

I somehow managed to have this fixed in the past with some hack I managed to pull. I wish I could remember it.

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Isn't this extremely exploitable?

Anyway I'm on my phone right now and cannot view xmls. If you figure it out drop me a PM and if not I will try to do something tommorow.

Good luck!

I wouldn't say extremely exploitable since the bagged parts are only just a bit smaller and cannot stack, besides, it would only be available for those with the mechanic skill, which is of little use for now.

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Small new update, lads. It includes:

-The ability to repair guns is back. There are no changes to the recipes. (Thanks, DnaJur!)
-The ability to put medium strings on spears and put them over your shoulder is back.
-Added a new shirt into the mod, Urban Dogeman. Made it not as common as most shirts.
-Fixed a bug with the looting of town/city hexes I introduced in v0.2. (Thanks, DnaJur!)


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Wow...I would of never guessed but you know what the game needs more?Clothes,you might hate this,but since you're porting the mod slowly you just game me a idea with this new shirt you added,how about adding around 1-2 pieces of clothing every update?The Dogeman Shirt is just splendid,you have so much talent at making items that If someone installed this mod on the game without me knowing,I would actually think It's a new feature,One example would be like Short Jeans,or different colored jeans.Thx for the update!

I could make more clothes but not in every update, lol. xD

That shirt was made a while ago, back when Dan made a T-shirt design contest. This one didn't make into the game so I planned on adding it in this mod one day.

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This isn't exactly a request since I know you're already super busy but I know you like hearing my musings on things of this nature sometimes, but I always thought a suture kit would be interesting, rather than just bandaging wounds medic characters could make a suture kit out of small parts and small thread that would act like a bandage by stopping bleeding but it would also make the wound heal faster. I'd also probably make it require a fire/lighter to craft (to sterilize the needle)

Like I said this is probably super hard to implement, not like my coffee suggestion last time around. So I wouldn't suggest going into it but I just thought you'd enjoy that random musing.

It's a good idea. Reminds me alot of Unreal world for some reason even though there's no such thing in that game. xD

Neo Scavenger could use more variety in the wound healing system. As far as I know, there's bandages, alcohol, splints and that advanced medkit. I'm not familiar enough with the healing system to know if it's possible or not, though.

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I believe there is no individual wound healing rate(there is one single m_fHealPerHourMod field) so faster healing for individual wounds probably won't work but I extremely like the idea of Medic having some additional ways of healing.

Maybe some home-made painkillers and sleeping pills.Also it is possible to create meds for cholera or poisoning.

Another idea is to create medical device that requires medic skill to use and when used provides full health diagnostic.

Yeah Medic just feels like it should have more to it, and suturing seemed like the best option. Honestly I forgot that medic already passively increased the healing rates so it wouldn't be necessary to make it better than bandages but it seems like it would be cool to have.

The reason I mention it here is because Chiko is one of the few people who can change around what skills do to make me actually want to take them. Used to be I never really used mechanic (until more recent versions of the base game) until Chiko added new cool stuff for mechanic characters, so it just feels like with Chiko's modding proclivity he is good at making skill choice actually feel like it means something rather than just taking combat skills and trapping as the end all be all.

EDIT: I'm still having trouble with installing this given the new form >.<
Is there a walkthrough of sorts? I seem to be more computer illiterate than I was a few months ago.

Yeah, I kinda want to add enough important features to the less used skills so using them could them What I can do about this is to add some new medical item. Maybe a new lootable/craftable you get by having both Medical and Botany. Having these 2 skills could maybe unlock the use of medicinal herbs the same way as bandages or maybe some other homemade versions of other meds of to ease sickness.

Also, to install this mod. Copy the 3 files inside the rar. These are the folders NeoScavExtended and 0 and the php file called getmods. You have to paste them inside the game directory. Mine is in Steam/steamapps/common/NEO Scavenger. It should ask you if you want to replace the folder called 0 and the getmods.php file already in there.

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I do that but then the load always stops at 75% when I'm loading the game and it says parsing item types: row 10.

Do I have to take everything out of the mod folder or something? Cuz I figure I don't have to copy paste everything into the existing images folder and stuff do I?

I think I know what the problem is. It's a compatibility issue, so you have to use the newest test build. Right click the game in Steam, then goto Properties. Choose BETAS and then select the public test one in there.The game should run.

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I got this idea while browsing the old Makeshifer mod.I know it's a far fetch,But now and in between upgrading this mod,you could add new types of vehicles.It always baffled me how easy it is to find vehicles in this game.You can pretty much find like 2 sleds in the first 4-10 turns,put a string and you're set.A aspect of the Mod Merge of 0.987 was that vehicles were very rare.I don't know what EmpororZA did back then,He might of messed with the loot tables,but finding a sled was DAMN hard,even more so finding a shopping cart,or some ingredients to make one that are close to 100%.I often had to resort to Travois,which could be a easy craftable to carry more.With that in mind,wouldn't it be a good addition if you added some new sort of vehicles to the game.Now I am not saying what kind,cause I really don't know what else could be used as a vehicle beside a sled,shopping cart and a travois but one thing would be to make a little cart,kinda like in his mod,it could be a very hard to craft item,you would obviously have lots of storage space in it and increase your move per turn by like 3.What do you think?

Adding new vehicles is one of the things I have in mind for this mod but I don't know if I can make one that increases movement. I tried to add a bike once but I ran into some issue with implementing the idea. the movement bonus can also be used for crafting, which is definitely something that it shouldn't do. I also tried by making it use the run button but that also was a bit weird so I finally decided to shelve the idea.

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Thanks for the help Chiko, I got everything working now. I still miss flour and coffee though for some reason. Oh and leather because crafting all the leather stuff amounted to everything I did late game lol. Still great job with everything.

No problem, lad. I'm working on adding the drink and food items for the next update and all leather related ones will be on the following update and the moves will be last since those are going to be the hardest to reintroduce. After that I guess I'll continue with whatever I was working on before I left Neo Scav to play other games. :P

Edit: I just checked some pages back and the last thing I was gonna do was to change the leathercrafting/tanning mechanics to the one Keevan suggested, which is kinda similar to the one in Unreal World.

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Ah yes the classic "Spend a month tanning that sick bear ass cloak"

That is exactly what I suggested him to do :D

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There's something really weird going on with the crafting of Mulligan Stew...

To make it, you need a piece of meat, 2 veggies and an extra ingredient among other things.

The problem is with Fat... I gave fat the extra ingredient tag and the game won't recognize it. It does with small piece of meat and potatoes, though.

The game only recognizes fat as an extra ingred if I also give it the veggie tag, which is weird...

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Fat is basically a vegetable right?

Idunno. xD
Leaving the veggie tag in fat will also bring some other issues, though.

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Maybe there is some restricted property in play here?

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What do you mean?

What I find it weird is that it's working for one item but not for this one. I'll keep looking at the files and see what I did wrong.

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When you make an ingredient, you add what properties an item needs to posses to qualify (strRequiredProps), but also which are excluded (strForbidProps). Sure there's no conflict there?

(Also, take a look at the newly added properties 86 and 87, maybe something goes weird with those).

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I usually leave strRequiredProps and strForbidProps alone coz I would probably get confused. :P

Also, none of my food items use props 86 and 87.
It could be a bug, maybe.

Edit: The problem is definitely with fat as an item. I gave the extra ingred tag to a lot of thigs like soda, whiskey, ash, coffee powder, etc. and it works with them with no problem.

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Could you maybe share the code, for both the item and the ingredients/recipe - a fresh look cannot hurt :)

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Sure, I could really need the help before "remaking" the item.

Here are the ingreds:

<table name="ingredients"> <column name="nID">21</column> <column name="strName">Extra Cooking Ingredient</column> <column name="strRequiredProps">21</column> <column name="strForbidProps"></column> </table> <table name="ingredients"> <column name="nID">22</column> <column name="strName">Small Chunk of Meat</column> <column name="strRequiredProps">22</column> <column name="strForbidProps"></column> </table>

Their properties have the same name.

And here's the item:

<table name="itemtypes"> <column name="id">35</column> <column name="nGroupID">101</column> <column name="nSubgroupID">5</column> <column name="strName">food</column> <column name="strDesc">chunk of fat</column> <column name="strDescAlt"></column> <column name="nCondID">0:1</column> <column name="vImageList">ItmFatRaw.png</column> <column name="vSpriteList"></column> <column name="vImageUsage">0,0,0,0,0,0</column> <column name="fWeight">0.37</column> <column name="fMonetaryValue">5</column> <column name="fMonetaryValueAlt">0</column> <column name="fDurability">1</column> <column name="fDegradePerHour">0.03</column> <column name="fEquipDegradePerHour">0</column> <column name="fDegradePerUse">1</column> <column name="vDegradeTreasureIDs">42,0:3</column> <column name="aEquipConditions"></column> <column name="aPossessConditions"></column> <column name="aUseConditions">211=0:48,211=11</column> <column name="aCapacities"></column> <column name="vEquipSlots">20,21</column> <column name="vUseSlots">211</column> <column name="bSocketLocked">0</column> <column name="vProperties">0:14,0:15,0:48,0:50,0:66,0:82,21,23</column> <column name="aContentIDs"></column> <column name="nFormatID">0:3</column> <column name="nTreasureID">0:0</column> <column name="nComponentID">0:3</column> <column name="bMirrored">0</column> <column name="nSlotDepth">0</column> <column name="strChargeProfiles"></column> <column name="aAttackModes"></column> <column name="nStackLimit">1</column> <column name="aSwitchIDs"></column> <column name="aSounds">0:cuePickup,0:cuePutdown</column> </table>

Pew pew pew!

I would have to know the recipe as well, but is the fat supposed to be the meat or not? Cause you've added your own props 21 (extra ingr.) and 23 (???) to the fat, but showed ingredients that demand props 21 (extra ingr.) and 22 (small meat)...

So what is property 23?

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Here's the recipe:

<table name="recipes"> <column name="nID">27</column> <column name="strName">mulligan stew</column> <column name="strSecretName"></column> <column name="strTools">1x0:14+1x0:6+1x0:44</column> <column name="strConsumed">1x22+1x0:4+2x19+1x21</column> <column name="strDestroyed"></column> <column name="nTreasureID">38</column> <column name="fHours">0.8</column> <column name="nReverse">0</column> <column name="nHiddenID">0</column> <column name="bIdentify">0</column> <column name="bTransferComponents">0</column> <column name="vAlsoTry">28</column> <column name="nTempTreasureID">0:3</column> </table>

Tools: a sharp edge, a fire/water proof container and a medium fire
Ingreds: small meat, water, 2 veggies and 1 extra ingreds

Also, 22 is indeed the flag for small meat, which I gave to raw, cooked and cured small meats. 23 is only for fat. It's unused for now since I haven't added tallow and other recipes that need fat as main ingred. Maybe having it without use could be affecting somehow? Imma remove it and see what happens.

Edit: Nope, still won't work. giving the 21 flag to anything else work... weird.
Edit2: I added cracklins and its recipe just to give the "fat" 23 prop an use and it works with no issues...

Pew pew pew!

Other than, possibly, TreasureID or vAlsoTry (what that does anyway?) pointing to some wrong place, I honestly cannot see why it does not work... Sorry mate.

Long shot, but also try the maybe making the nHiddenID with "0:"...

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vAlsoTry is what I use to make the poison hidden recipes of mulligan stew along with nHiddenID. You just put the ID of another recipe there and if you have the ingredients of this other recipe instead of the original, it will do that one instead while keeping the name of the original recipe set in nHiddenID.

Anyways, I believe the recipes are not the problem since they work with anything else but fat. I tried another thing, I copied the properties of the potato over the ones in the fat, which also include the 21 prop. Same, so it's definitely something in the item itself.

I'll drop it for now and continue with the rest of the food items.

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So I keep finding wrist watches but I don't understand how they actually work >.<

When you have them equipped, hover the cursor over the weather icon next to the End Turn button and it will show you the time, along with the weather info. :3

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Fancy. Thanks Chiko

Mkay, lads. New Update. It re introduces all consumables from the old version of this mod plus the farming plot looting location found in suburban hexes. Also, it changes the size of the soup can inventory to be a bit bigger along with the size of soup so it fits in there completely.

There are two things that I couldn't fix, though.
The first one is with Chunks of Fat. You cannot eat them raw because adding the condition to do so will make it unable to be used as ingredient for the Mulligan Stew for some weird reason.
The second issue is with Bread. Eating a Loaf of Bread will spawn the remaining half... but it will be invisible until you exit and re enter the inventory screen or by switching to another menu like the healing screen.

I hope despite these two issues you still enjoy the mod, lads. :3

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download (drop in NeoScavExtended)

I believe I resolved bug with fat(at least it works for me(a more permanent solution is needed)).

Problem is that when generating crafting result that one piece of meat can be "small piece of meat" as well as "extra cooking ingredient".
I BELIEVE(strong emphasis here) that adding use to the fat is somehow causing meat to be considered a better extra cooking ingredient than fat.
Moving around "extra cooking ingredient" and "small chunk of meat" ingredients in the table seams to have fixed this problem(at least locally for me). But this bug can still appear someday later.

As for the bread, I made an alternative way to spawn half of bread but it has its own problems.(probably even more than yours)(it does not have an animation, it always spawns on the ground and it needs more code to work soooooo yeah)

So the issue with fat could be a modding bug? I made a thread about this issue in the "modding talk" section a while ago. Hopefully Dan sees it and adds it to the things he will fix in the next update.

Also, the issue with the spawning invisible item is actually another bug with the tables that has been there for a while now, at least that's what Dan believed when I mentioned it in some other thread.

And sadly, the xml in the link suffers from the same issue in my copy of the game. :(

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Re-uploaded another version.This should work for everyone. Use link from previous post.

Oh, I see what you did there. I had to do some changes, though coz the mulligan stew (fat) was asking for poisonous veggies.
That's a clever solution, I thought this had no way to be fixed with modding. Thanks again for all these fixes. :3

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