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potatoes was also added in other mod - the same problem I think.

Hey I tried that and it worked for me, but now when I play the game the scavenge button is broke. And then when I finally get it to work it only allows me to end it but wont let me close the window. Im using v0.9922b and for some odd reason the scavenge button is broke.

I enjoy this mod. Finally got it working. Made me decide to make an account here to keep in contact with people on this sort of stuff.
It gives NeoScavenger a new coat of paint...even though it's first coat hasn't dried yet....or been used at all.

Anyways! As much as I love this mod, there were a couple things that look like they need to be ironed out.
1) Using strong perk and crowbar doubly tires you. Don't know if that was intentional or not, but I end up passing out a lot.
On the plus side it makes me weigh the options of scaving. "Do I raid these ruins for a pack of Blinkies or do I conserve my strength?"

2) Dunno what I did, but now on the menu for crafting/looking at inventory I have a bundle of wires blocking my stats bars.

Passing out is the worst thing that can happen to you though. A Bad Mutha shot me to hell and stole my suitcase full of stuff!
Couldn't find him after that, and I had just barely survived.

Also, I don't know if it was because of my choices in stats or not but there were some situations where not all of the options came up. But that might have been my choices in stats. And there was only one situation I think, and it was Hatter. Suprised you can't use hacking as an option to avoid doing the Urn Job. o_o;

Anyways, those are my two cents on the matter. Awesome mod. Good work. And thanks for all your help on Steam Kaaven. I'm the guy with the Spiderman Icon.

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in a way you can, if you fight the beast and then hack the video you can use that to bypass it

Reality is my clay, Imagination my tools.

Always have an idea on hand.

I'm glad that you like the mod so far ;) And about your issues:

1) That's the deal here - I need more feedback from people. The way how scavenging works in the main game - how easy and fast it is - is one of the key things to the difficulty, in mine opinion. Making it tiring was definitely the step in the right direction, but the exact numbers are still open to discussion. I can make scavenging with the crowbar half as tiring as the brutish scavenging is. It makes sense that using tool is better than nothing. Would that make a difference?

2) I never experienced anything like this, but there were bug reports for the vanilla game of similar stuff happening. Don't remember if Dan fixed that though, so it might possibly be a general game bug. And if he fixed that already, maybe I somehow re-introduced it... I don't know.

- Passing out being dangerous - good, that means it works as intended ;) From my, somewhat limited, knowledge about survival and general traveling-while-depending-on-your-body kinds of situations, there are two universally dangerous things out there - getting wet/cold and getting tired. First is somewhat not-doable in this game but the other should be even more exposed and used, I feel.

- Stats not showing up - are you sure? Cause I did nothing in that department (yet), so it should work just like in normal game. Also, at Hatters, you never was able to use Hacking to avoid - it was Electrician.

And again, thanks for feedback.

@wilson7722, Bober077
I found a way to side-step Chiko's potato, by finding another plant that can be used as one - the Jerusalem artichoke (a.k.a. earth apple or sunroot). Its a wild plant, native to that region, the root of which was used as a potato before the the actual potato was cool (mostly by the Indians and early colonists). So a good addition, I hope, especially for botanists.

Wild onions are something that I also consider.

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I know this is a hardcore mode, but I think Kaaven you should make scavenging with strong + crowbar less tiring (it is logical).
And second - your encounter with football field... it is gamebraking you know! Yeah I know that every player can deside to exploit or not, but I can't help it, but to take two or three runs on the field. My advise - make a second or third run on the field deadly at the begining (botany and other perks can help player to understand that he cant go another run), or make an axe degrade fast on this encounter (it is a plant that have asid juice or maybe very thick structure that damages your axe very fast).
Also degradable cans and pans please!
Makeshift gear like in extended mod, but in other tipes - like furcovered clothing.
The temperature is still too warm... yeah it is america and it is warm country, but I really dont feel the temperature.
On last week I went camping on musical festival and it was hard - 1) four km on foot with backpack with 10L of water + other equipment and some food;
2) The tent (real tent) is a pain in the ass too - cold and wet at night and vaporarium (google translater word) in the morning and all day long...

Can you bake the sunroots? if you can you should add tin-foil so you can bake them! (i think thats how baked potatos work) also can you add a new gun,like a lever action rifle? and a blank white t-shirt (sorry for giving you alot of sugestions)

1) I think it would make sense that using the crowbar would take less fatigue than just doing it barehanded.
Tools were invented to make things easier on humanity. So naturally, it would cost more fatigue to rip a door open with nothing but brute force, but less if you used the right tool for the job.

2) Like I said. I have no idea what I did. It just happened. I think it happened after I got assaulted by that Bad Mutha with the rifle. It's not a game breaking glitch/bug, just a weird little occurance. I probably just did something that made the game derp.

-I agree. Passing out is dangerous. While I enjoy the challenge, it can get a bit aggrivating though when you need to scour for supplies. Still, that might just be on my part. I've been used to scaving brutishly. Maybe you could introduce some items in your next update to stave off the effects of exhaustion? Like coffee grounds in the urban areas or ginseng/herbs from the forest biomes?

-Like I said, I could be wrong. I might have just imagined it. Brain might have had a derp moment on me and made me think that this happened. Perks I chose were: Melee, Strong, Tough, Hacking, Hiding, Botany, Medic. I'm trying to remember what other things I could do to avoid the urn job...I forget though. I'm pretty sure those perks don't allow me to skip though.

I'm glad to provide feedback! Which gives me another idea. Perhaps scav-able cash in urban areas? The barter system obviously works in NS, but I started to wonder why you couldn't find pre-apocolypse cash a la Fallout. Just a thought though.

All this talking has me wanting to start up my game again. See what I can do. I've got an urn to find and a refugee camp to visit.

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Melee and Strong combo can let you through gates without urn job.

News to me. How does that happen? Just retry after being turned away?

Top Assassin and a handy cart for hauling your junk through the wastes! I got yer back.

sorry it is a spoiler - go to wiki if you want =)

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Strong + Melee to kill the Dogman at the beginning.

By doing this you get video footage that you can trade for a DMC bracelet.

With this mod neo scavenger is now put into hard mode.

Not sure If I just missed it but since the Dogman fur coat now says its (raw) is there someway to tan it in order to loose the negative effects that come with the mod?

P.S. Love the new items with this mod Kaaven!

I've mentioned it when I first changed the fur - eventually I do plan to add some way to get a proper, wearable one (either by crafting or exchange) but for now there is nothing like that added yet. End-game stuff has to wait, basically ;D

And I am glad you like those items. Thanks!

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Ahhh well I can't wait! Here I was thinking there was just some recipe that I hadn't figured out lol!

There is a criminal lack of ponchos in this mod.

You caught me red-handed mate. The level of poncho-saturatinon in the mod, is indeed very low.

Now that I got called-out, there is nothing else left for me to do but to add at least one poncho-related object, to prevent forming of angry mobs... Especially now, since now both torches and pitchforks are available...

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could you add more clothing, like a leather jacket or some more makeshift clothing like the motley gear and the rod armor and the conical hat from the "lots o' gear" suggestion you would probaly should ask permission

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but you've been LPed!


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the info!

Also... Finally, I'm famous!

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sweet ! congratz :D


Could you possibly add a expanded thing of every option of the refugee camp? And is it possible to burn the foliage, at all? Oh, and some more cooking and scavangeable weapons would be nice.

What exactly do you have in mind when saying "add a expanded thing of every option of the refugee camp"? Do you think something is missing from that encounter in particular or would you just like "more stuff" to do in general?

Cause for now, I am adding a new encounter entirely, unrelated to the camp. I do plan to add a continuation to what player encounters in the camp, but will wait until the new changes to the game (spreading of diseases, NPC way-points, time spending within the encounters) are introduced.

And no, the plant that grows in the Camp is somewhat special and cannot be easily destroyed - the future story I have planned revolves around it actually.

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Sorry, Sorry. I'm tired. I meant spoilers.

I do plan to add a continuation to that story-line in the future, if that what you are asking for.

Or do you want an explanation?

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You have items with repeating ids in your mod. Specifically ids 43,44,45. From what I know It doesn't have any effect but I think you should fix it just to be sure.

Thanks mate. I've fixed those and will include that in the new version (probably later today). I guess while not bad on their own, mistakes like that could potentially cause problems when overwriting stuff (i.e. mod-merging). And it is always better to fix such things sooner rather than later (in my version I've already added like 5 more items and all had wrong IDs).

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Bump for update!

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IMO, the very best mods made for any game are the ones that - once tried - you really don't want to play the game without them. It's not that they are NEEDED for the game, just that they add so much, either content-wise (like the Restoration Project for Fallout 2) or aesthetics-wise (various graphics updates for aging 3D games) that they forever "spoil" you.

I consider the M(m)MoD to be NeoScavenger's "must use" mod. It adds SO much content, a lot of which I even remember suggesting/asking for (and even mocking up graphics for, in a couple of cases!) several years ago, such as rat trapping (at last!), tinned beans, kitchen knives and school-style backpacks.

The fact that this mod also adds new locations, however, is the most exciting part; I tried it for the first time a few days ago and my visit to the refugee camp really reminded me of something out of The Last Of Us in tone (good company to be in!).

Very much looking forward to trying the new location out later tonight. I still remember bugging Dan to add more "settlements" to trade with way back before the tribal village existed! :)

I'm especially excited that the newest location appears to be a fishing-themed one... because the main mod I've been toiling away at for the past few weeks now is the one thing I asked for ages ago that someone has yet to tackle: a FISHING MOD! :D (now I just need to make sure it plays nice with the newest M(m)MoD location!)

Anyway, I just wanted to rant about how amazing this mod is. So many little tweaks I love (getting tired from scavenging, being able to scavenge carefully, new uses for underused skills like Electrician) and lots and lots of much-needed (if only for the sake of "fluff") items, like new clothing and weapons and crafting components. Also loving the new scavenging locations (minimarts and farms)... we need more of these in the game.

Also, I wanted to say that - as a final mark of how much I value this mod and don't really want to play without it now, I'll mention (and hope you don't mind!) that my own major mod that I've been tinkering with actually REQUIRES your M(m)MoD to work despite adding its own content; there was just no way I could NOT incorporate usage of these ingredients, locations and other stuff!

Since this post is already so long, a few suggestions:

* It would be good if Squirrel Snares could be used to scavenge urban locations (for rats) and rat traps in forest locations for squirrels, I think. Realistically, either trap could be used to catch the other type of animal, and it would let Mechanic characters be a more viable option as both they and Trapping characters could now trap for meat equally.

* Have Blue Frogs been somehow "buffed"? They seem a LOT more deadly now all of a sudden, so much so that they are pretty much insta-killing me if I meet one unprepared.

* How about a random rusty old car/bus "camp site" for urban hexes? It would feel very well suited to those burned out hexes with no buildings, I think.

* For a future scavenge location, something I was going to try and add but that would be even better as part of the M(m)MoD would be a hospital/medical center/pharmacy scavenge location. A rare chance to find meds?

One more note: as someone who's never liked hearing some folks say "the game should be harder!" (as if it wasn't already, given it's permadeath), I really like how, rather than just make the game more "difficult" to extend the challenge, you've instead focused mostly on making high-end loot harder to find, but replaced it with low-end and mid-tier stuff instead. Buffing enemies, making it easier to freeze to death, etc. would spoil the game (and mod) IMO, but making the player search harder for awesome boots, kickass weapons and warm clothing is IMO an improvement thematically as well as gameplay-wise (I never liked having just one awesome backpack that was super rare and nothing less, fore example). It feels really post-apocalyptic-correct having to wear mismatched ugly gear early-game, with an old kitchen knife for defense. It makes finding a nice hoodie or a hatchet much more exciting, too.

And did I mention being so happy to see rats in the game to eat at last? I even thought it was my old "donated" sprite attempt at first, until I saw the (better) tail difference. Love it! :)

My Mods:SaveMan|Fishing|Shouldered|Bottles

Indeed, this is an awesome mod! I've played it several times in earlier iterations, watched some LPers on it, and I have to say, I really feel like Kaaven has a talent for this. There is a measured reservation blended with creativity that strikes the perfect balance, in my mind. Excellent work!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

AMAZING mod. only imagining what you could add

This might be the best survival game on the market.

Thank you very much for all the kind words and praises! Nice to hear that you're all enjoying the mod. Although, to be perfectly fair, it is the only content-modifying mod available right now, and it's not that hard to look good with nothing else to compare to :D

The enclave itself does not have any "theme" by it's own, because a)they are not really letting you in, and b)I have not added people to speak to (outside of the first encounter with the sheriff) yet. But I do plan to add a few folks to talk to, including a fisherman who will be able to explain what is that they actually do there, why the character won't be able to fish by his own (sorry) and give player a related mission.

- I know using the snare in city and trap in woods is technically possible, but I would like to keep those separate (to make technical characters more bound to the ruins and survivalists bound to the wild-lands).

- Frogs have a small chance (25% to be exact) to spawn with "Frenzied" condition, indicating they are in religiously-inspired berserk, not caring for their own safety (lower defense) but aimed at attacking heathens (morale and hit power slightly higher). The bonuses are not that high, however, the chance is relatively small and if they are freaking out the condition should be visible on battle screen. Muthas are the guys who should actually be more dangerous, as they got a better set of weapons instead of generic "random one from the list of all" like they used to - one does not go to hunt for people to eat armed with a pebble or a glass shard, after all.

- I wanted to add the old cars as a camp sites, but if I kept to the (relative) scale of things, they would be like 2x3 pixels big. But I've already have an idea for that, so we will see.

- New scavenging locations is something that I look for adding, but the real problem is a bit obscure one - what will be scavengable there? If I add just a generic list of junk and random items, there will be no difference from places in vanilla game, but there is not really all that many items to make them stick out. All the places I added suffer from that problem - sunken building just spawns random stuff (which is relatively ok) but mini-mart and farm have a rather poor treasures, simply because I don't feel I have enough items to place there. But as the work progresses I hope to find the right balance.

So yeah, basically a lot of thinking about very minor details ;D

Thank you!

There is no way I'll leave the Magic Mirror in and let players teleport freely all around the place :D

I was thinking about adding some super-natural stuff to be fair, but something as powerful as teleportation is not really all that fun in the end, and should be extremely pricy (like, half a soul for each "jump"). But I will keep some magic in consideration for later.

For now, the Mirror is only there to allow players to visit new place without the frustration of traveling the dogmen-infested lands. Similarly, every new item I add in each version is placed on the Cryo Lab floor, so players don't have to spend 3-4 hours looking, only to see how it looks in-game.

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The dried fish is considered a liquid in my game because I can't put it in my bag and in phillip's hands but in the bottles it would let me if they where not too big

Hello, great mod. Maybe consider moving screwdriver from weapons to random caried tools treasure table and adding suitcase sprites?

Thanks mate! The revised Random Carried Tool table will be included in the next update, shortly. There were several things missing from it, actually - hatchet, screwdriver and both new knives (items in that table are doubling those on Weapons list, so no need to remove anything). Thanks for reminding me about that.

As for sprite for suitcase, I do plan to include sprites for all (or the most) of the carried containers. Just need to figure out how and when.

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I am noob at modding, but i managed to create 2 items. Crappy quality but if you will include any of them it would be cool. If they are so atrocious and you won't, I will not be sad.
Also posted a suggestions topic, there is some stuff that can be modded in, may take a peak.

Thanks for the offer, but I do prefer to use my own sprites. Making them is one of the most enjoyable parts of modding, for me, and using someone's else pictures would simply diminish that fun :D

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I know exactly what you mean :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Bump for the 0.993 version compatible update (link to the old one is still available since the new version is not backwards compatible)!

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Is folder "0" now being called ModZero? Or whatever it was called? I assume that's what I have to use to replace folder "0".
Didn't work though. Got 52% done and then got error #2032 Line 0.

Was excited to see the Mini Mod got an update!
Also, belated congrats on becoming internet famous Kaaven! :3

Top Assassin and a handy cart for hauling your junk through the wastes! I got yer back.

Yeah, the "MoDZero" is the new "0" folder. To avoid the 2032 error, you have to overwrite the old getmods.php file with the one provided with the newest version - in it the path to the changed folder name is included.

And I would thank you for your congrats, but I am already too famous to show gratitude :D

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Spoiler: Highlight to view
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Honestly, I kid. I just felt that this was a good opportunity for this meme. Thanks for the advice Kaaven. :3

Top Assassin and a handy cart for hauling your junk through the wastes! I got yer back.

Dogs have dogman corpses ........ Awesome!!!!

That's why one needs his testers, there is literary always something that will skip one's mind.

Anyway, here's a quick fix: Simply download this file, unpack it and the copy the file inside into your game folder/M(m)MoD. When asked, overwrite.

Now the dogs should have dog bodies.

The download at the first post already contains the fix, so this is only for those who downloaded prior.


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What have i done wrong? I've put the files into the game directory, and it gets stuck updating template-based items.row: 0 is the last thing on the command line.

Seems that I'm getting error: Unable to retrieve image 48.0

Yeah, with the changes made to the game in version 0.9931, the mod started to get stuck on the 50% mark, "Updating template-based items. row:0" and I have no idea why this is happening yet. I will try to fix that, and if I fail we will have to wait until Dan gets back from his OOO time, next week.

And if anyone is able to narrow down on what is causing that, I will be very grateful for any info.

The second problem, however - I never seen anything like that. My game seems to be permanently frozen at that first error, not to mention that all the images are there.

EDIT: OK, the new version (0.54) is up. It includes fixes to several issues and makes mod load correctly with the 0.9931 build of the game.

Big thank you goes to DnaJur for helping me to locate all the mistakes in the code to which the game became suddenly vulnerable to (and which had nothing to do with the template-based items, btw).

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@kaaven thank you for fixing the dried fish problem, can you help me with installing more then one mod, also could you add a patchwork bag made with rags or hides,medium-cord,and small string that not that much bigger then the plastic bag but degrades slower

To instal more than one mod, you will have to edit the "getmods.php" file. It contains information for the game on from which folders and in what order to load the mods, as well as how they are called inside the files.

This version of M(m)MoD has, for example, 3 mods inside it: MoDZero (which contains changes that I made to the vanilla game data), M(m)MoD (which contains all the new stuff that I add) and MagicMirror (which adds the mirror item, to help test the mod).

If you would like to add another one on top of that, you would have to edit the getmods.php and insert the data on the new mod that you want to add there.

As for the bags, I was thinking about something like that, but I've already added two new containers and would not want to make it too easy for the player to obtain a good container. If anything, I think I will maybe add a craftable tarp bag that is a tiny bit larger than shopping bag, but degrades faster. And maybe a bindle-like bag for the shoulder slot around 2x3 in size. We will see.

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