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Alright, I know this has been talked about before, like a lot. And please, if this specific idea has been thrown around already (I have done a search), let me know!

Anyways, the main point of this is that, followers/companions would be awesome in the game! Here's how I'd expect would be the easiest way to go about it:

1) A random encounter/normal encounter have certain actions that would lead to a person/animal/robot/etc. wanting or being forced to join your side.

2)The encounter area spawning an NPC that consistently follows the player around** BUT, have him target only specific creatures or target everything besides the player in combat situations (with whatever tweaks need to be made for balance).

I just think it would be easier than implementing a full follower system. I mean, we've already got NPCs that don't target members of the same faction. And, I'm assuming that there are going to be new NPCs eventually.


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P.s. Yell at me if I've done something wrong, please?

All I want is a dog companion! :(

Seriously, even if it just acted like a "buff" to the player rather than a standalone NPC.

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I made a companion suggestion a while ago, just search "Companions" on the search thingy, I think it's the third post (Maybe not, also I know I was spelling "yeah" wrong, that wasn't a mistake, just wanted to sound enthusiastic).


i think it should be like you could get a person who could hold more stuff, but a maaaaaaasive doownside to it that is you would have to feed and supply everything to your companion. eg if gets injured in combat, heal with antibiotics and bandeges. as well as just having a dog that, if fed continously would help in combat. a great way to get rid of that darn pesky usless dogman meat at the start of the game, eh. as well as just hiring people to follow and help you in combat, like go to zom zoms and talk to a mercenary. will help you for 3 weeks for domgman coat/$$$. he could have no other interactions except that and helping in combat. makes fighting 2 enemies possible.

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Yeah, I don't think that it would be impossible to hire someone, for example:

To hire a mercenary at DMC you might need tons of money, or you could trade for it's equivalent, or perhaps you give them money or items, then they give you an estimated time they could work for you.

Although if you hire a mercenary/s from just walking around in a abandoned area or Zom Zoms, it may only cost three large pieces of meat, or 1000 dollars.

(I made a realistic cost-area, thing.)

Zom Zoms/abandoned area = 1 large piece of meat per day and night, or 1 clever/2 water bottles/1 crowbar per day and night.

DMC = 10 arrows and 3 large pieces of meat, but higher skills.