Sprites/IMG Files Up For Grabs!

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Sprites/IMG Files Up For Grabs!

Hello all, I've made this thread in hopes of beginning something for those of us who aren't exactly the best with code, but make good artists in terms of making new sprites for NEO Scavenger. I hadn't realized just how easy it was when I had downloaded GIMP, and I've already got 68 item sprites listed up on Mediafire for those who would like to take a look at some of the items I've made for the community to use as they see fit for any mod:

-Colored bottles for each liquid. (I got tired of seeing water look like whiskey in the whiskey bottle.)
-Other liquids, like Gasoline, Regular Swamp Water, Honey, and others
-Blood decals for the Meat Cleaver, and Shotgun
-Reskinned berries
-Soup Variations, along with new Soup Can colors! (Now in Blue, Yellow, and Purple!)
-New Pills!
-Re-textures of ashes into Seasoning, Sand Piles, and Dirt Piles
-Garbage and Paper Bags!
-A New Bottle Type and Whiskey Bottle retextures!
...And likely lots more to come, especially if I see that more people are wanting more of this kind of thing. These are just small little image files that can help you in constructing a mod, so feel free to take artistic liscence and use an image for something other than what I planned! The NEO Scavenger community is already pretty awesome from what I've seen lurking on the Forums thus far: This is my small contribution thus far. I hope you all enjoy it! :D

P.S. If any others here feel compelled to make more images, feel free to hijack the thread, we can get a thing going to hep each other out!
P.P.S. I was originally led down this little rabbit-hole through EmperorZA's mod post, speaking of using GIMP to edit the images for mod authors to use. I loved the idea and just went nuts making stuff, though I haven't used any of your resources in your mod in what I've posted... Yet ;D

This meat tastes like prime veal!

It would probably behoove me to put the download link. Whoops! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4d102j8y8xs3t/PNG_Files
(These are the PNG files, instead of XCF files. Make sure to save as .PNG when editing files! It takes a while to convert files!)

Second update is here! I've added some new things, such as Organs, Weapon Part Options, and Containers! Enjoy!
Link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/4akwetovc4lbs/Offload_%232

"Everyone's got [baggage] kid." -Psychonauts. The Third Update is here, and this time I've brought you container's galore, along with some POV's of a human skull, as I saw there was some need for that around the forum. I've also added a bear and bear corpse to go along with the pelt from the previous update. Also added is the Makeshift Teepee, Shields, WILLLLLLSON, and some basic crafting items. (Scrap Metal, Rough Planks, and Bricks.)

Edit: I've also got some pictures for viewing here!

Spoiler: Highlight to view

These are probably the worst-cropped images in history, but they convey the message.

This meat tastes like prime veal!

Are .xcf files only for GIMP, or can anyone convert them?

I believe they can be converted, yes, as I was able to manipulate the game files through GIMP, I would assume they would still be usable in this format. Still, I would love a test of this. ;D If , however, the game were to reject the files, they can be easily converted in-browser. I'll convert the files if needed, but otherwise, all should be good at least for the purpose of editing.

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The game only uses .png files so, sadly, if you want to make your recolors useful for modders, you will have to convert them first. Those .xcf files seem to be indeed a internal GIMP format, cause even the in-built Windows picture viewer is not able to recognize or open them. Paint.NET cannot open them either.

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DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I'll convert these right away then! Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes at the most, and I've learned that anyone who uses GIMP can save these as a PNG file from the get-go! Just type in .png instead while you're saving it and GIMP will take you to another pop-up to save it at. Sorry about the confusion; though this should help as a little lesson for anyone wanting to get into GIMP to do something similar.

I've made some new sprites since last night, and am working on a second update; I should have it in by the end of tonight, but I'm going to be busy with real life stuff so we'll see. Here's hoping to more good mods!

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I've posted the link to the PNG files, so everything should run smoothly! I've also got quite a few new images which should be going up as a second update to this tonight. I've been experimenting with removing items into smaller parts for editing new weapons and containers and the like, so check it out. I'll post the new files all as a separate mediafire link when done. Cheers!

This meat tastes like prime veal!