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It's called the 'wasteland' for a reason right? I think players should have the option to experiment with various drugs. Depending on what character build the player is using, and other conditions, drug use can vary in effects. A player with insomnia could craft a pipe and use their botany skill to forage for some bush weed. Concocting amphetamines using scavenged ingredients can be sold on the market, or used to bargain with one's life in combat. Magic mushrooms can be ingested and used to escape the wasteland for a little bit. Overdosing on uppers or downers is a possibility, too.

The major reason people call what we have in Neo Scavenger 'a wasteland' is because they make a mental leap when thinking of post-apocalyptic theme. With exception of few choice locations, however, much of Michigan in the game is doing quite fine, only humans don't - with flora and fauna reclaiming ruins of civilisation, thus making the term 'wasteland' hardly deserved.

Arguably, that should allow even better access to some of recreational drugs as it's easier to find plants and fungi, potentially also those of particular effect on character's mind.

It was all suggested. I am not sure how far the game will explore this aspect, especially now that we're wrapping things up so adding extensive new features may be a bit of an unlikely thing to happen. However, certain new and side-effects of different medicinal drugs and possibly a few more thread-related items may find it's way into the game, as it's one of the topics to be considered for small expansion before the final release (which doesn't mean 'next release' as much as 'one looming on the horizon Dan makes a push toward').

I don't think this would really be much benefit. You can already drink alcohol in game and there's no reason to do it because it only has negative effects. The game doesn't have the kind of graphics to really portray the drug "experience," so what would taking drugs really accomplish other than impairing your health?

Whiskey doesn't help with pain? I figured it would have.

I agree that Drugs should play more part in the game.
But a point was made about graphics and the Drug experience... considering that this is a written experince game I think that that could offer for some powerful creative writing moments.
Heck, Maybe when a player is poisoned from a death-cap mushroom at poison 3 would be fun, maybe something to throw the player?

The Alcohol at its current state I fell is overpowered... How much is there suppose to be in one unit of Whisky, don't they stack to 16 or 20?.
I can finish a whole bottle of top self over a night without throwing up, hell, I went though a bottle of tequila in 30 minutes and still keeped drinking that night so I could be a bad example. But the amount of Emphasis on weakness it inflicts on you... what I could only assume a shot... I could understand it if you were starving, sick or taking allot of other mixtures of drugs like painkillers and stuff. but to be fair, there needs to be a combination of Wine and Beer to go into the mix.

Hell, Who wouldn't laugh if they went to pop some painkillers without looking at what's in the bottle, only to find some Bad Mutha decided to use the painkiller bottle as a storage unit for his MDMA/Ecstasy?

"You take a small pill, and instantly regret it. Moments later you are eaten by a Gruu."
"You awake sometime later missing your pants and covered in corn-a cola and Creamy Crumb Soup."

Would be cool if you black out and go into random hexs around (like 10 or maybe 20 range) and no maps discovered

Randomly wake up in the north of the map xD
Oh, what if it made you see creatures that weren't there? "Ghost" enemies, like a big pack of dogmen.

Maybe something more like if you fight them and win you have some encounter saying it was only hallucinations and you hitted yourself (like dead space scene with screwdriver)

Drug simulator 2014 (former Neo Scavenger) coming out in September.


We must do this!
Troubles identifying stuff and accidental overdoses without necessary skills. Would be funny to take the wrong drug in the wrong time, like in "The Bad Lieutenant" movie, remember? Different duration, intensity and toxicity depending on method of reception (digestion, inhalation, injection).

This game can handle many realistic and rare (as for a game) side effects.
Imagine what can be done for the most popular stimulant alone:
Powerful boost to stamina, supression of weariness and hunger, trouble sustaining body temperature, more stable consciousness, thirst, inattentiveness, slight pain reduction, etc.

Next day comes increased fatique, increased hunger, hampered alertness, insomnia.

Does anyone implementing it?

Why is it I could Imagine another gang just outside of DMC zone of control Cooking up class A Narcotics and trying to recruit Mr Kindred as a dealer... Only for him to wind up being too efficient at peddling and creating a zombi march of junkiees, overrunning the DMC guards at the entry point and using this as a way to get back into the city after exile? lol

I played few more times and now it seems I was wrong about the need to add more kinds of drugs (and medical conditions) into the game. I did not realize the brilliance of the plot behind a great game mechanics. The game is unexpectedly, exclusively cruel. It is a true horror game.