Bug in Skill Slots: Last 4 slots not properly acknowledged.

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Bug in Skill Slots: Last 4 slots not properly acknowledged.

I originally only thought this was a problem that came up in modding, but it seems to extend beyond that, and is easily replicated in the Vanilla game.

Of the 20 skill slots visually shown, only the first 16 are properly "acknowledged". To see this, on character creation, place the skill mechanic in the 17th skill slot, by moving one of the "Basic Human" traits to that one. When you start the game, you *Will* have the option to avoid the Dogman using Mechanic, but you will not have the option to repair the vent. If you place the Mechanic skill in any of the first 16 slots, you will have the option for both actions.

It seems that for some things only the first 16 skill slots are being properly checked, while they are all being checked in other cases. Ideally they would all be checked for all things (so that modding can use all 20 skill slots), but if that's not feasible, then the last four slots should be disabled to reflect the fact that those skills do not offer their proper benefit.

For other examples, "Night Vision" placed in any of the last four slots does not actually give the Night Vision condition, and "Ranged" in any of the last four slots does not give the actual bonuses in combat of the Ranged Skill.

I've discovered the source (and solution) for this.

For skill: mechanic, there is a line that reads:

<column name="aPossessConditions">213=217,214=217,215=217,216=217,217=217,218=217,219=217,220=217,221=217,222=217,223=217,224=217,225=217,226=217,227=217,228=217</column>

This needs to be appended to read

<column name="aPossessConditions">213=217,214=217,215=217,216=217,217=217,218=217,219=217,220=217,221=217,222=217,223=217,224=217,225=217,226=217,227=217,228=217,229=217,230=217,231=217,232=217</column>

with similar changes for other skills.

Nice sleuthing! I will bear this in mind during gameplay and make sure those slots are not occupied until it gets fixed.

Speaking of the character slots. In the event that additional skills are made available via mods, does the game allow you to scroll through skills if the skill "container" on character generation reaches its capacity?

No, the maximum number of skills is the number of slots you can see on the skill selection screen.

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I *think* he meant is it possible to make more than 20 skills available as choices, even if only 20 can be had by any particular character.

That is, can you have 40 skills to choose from at character creation, even if you only have 4 (or more) slots to place them in.

My understanding, from reading the comments of others, is that the initial skill creation screen is hardcoded in any case, though.

Yep. Think of being able to scroll through Skills in the Skill Selection box like you would in the crafting menu when it fills up.

Good catch! For some reason, I only had the Traits rigged up to all 20 slots. I've adjusted the skills to match. Thanks!

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Re: 20+ skill slots, they are hard-coded, as Kaaven and rudy mention. So far, no UI supports scrolling besides minimaps and the log window, and they have issues as a result (notice the stat bar tooltips disappearing behind the minimap/DMC map).

Maybe someday I'll have scrollable UI, because lots of areas could surely use it! But probably will have to wait for a sequel.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

So something like this isn't possible with Character Gen? http://i.imgur.com/ruD7uGq.png

Oh, I see what you mean. That is technically possible, yes. It does take a while to setup, though, and I'm not sure if I'll have time to do that after the other planned fixes and features.

If you're interested in showing more skills to choose from, you can also change the size of the skills to be smaller. The current size is rather arbitrary, and I plan to change it someday so some skills are bigger than others.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games