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So I started a character with Melee, Athletics, Mysopia, Insomnia, Trapping, Botany, Medical, and Metabolism.

This character is literally so amazing, so freaking unstoppable.

I started out as normal- Go out, find junk. I literally ran straight to the Glow, after finding a pair of shoes.

From then on, the pattern went on as such.

1. Obtain water.

2. Obtain Food.

3. Find junk, sell it to market.

4. Get weaponry, intentionally lure bandits, shoot.

Seems these bandits, OP as they were... Managed to snag some bracelets to the city.
These bracelets that sold for 3000 dollars each.

I have 10,000 dollars, with enough rifle ammo to fill a plastic bag, with plenty in reserve at my base directly north of our friendly, tophatted companion. Sleeping bag complete with lean-to, tons of things hidden in buildings around the Glow. 5 Seperate reserve spots with food/water.

But this really takes the cake.
You see...
I survived Poison 3.

Poison 3 is the point of poisoning people don't usually meet.

You see, Poison 3 has the effect of Poison 2, added on... And, you instantly pass out, unconcious.
I was dealing with poison 2 at my HQ, then suddenly, I fall asleep.
Helpless, I panick, as my thirst and hunger meter go down, down, down...
Then, like a miracle of heaven.
I get up.
No sickness.
I drink 10 bottles of water.
All of it purified.
Take my antibiotics.
Lord, what a beautiful day.

10k dollars in my wallet, tons of supplies, ammo. My only goal is working on getting that nice new squirrel tunic that looks warm, that I heard about.

If I don't want to scavenge, I don't have to. Just buy some food at the junk market.

If I'm scavenging, all I have to do is riddle my foe with bullets if I'm descovered.

I can go night, or day, thanks to these nifty night vision goggles. I have some in reserve, aswell as a pair of high quality torches.

I cannot die.
I survived Poison 3.
Come at me.

Mr.Unkillable was insta-killed by a dogman somehow, while full-health, fully awake. He shot it with a tile apart from it, and it rushed forward and killed him instantly.

...I had 'tough' perk.

I think I am allowed to be reasonably pissed off, here. Please, please lower the toughness of the dogmen, because that was just insane that it got to move and attack me like that after I -SHOT- it.

Awwh man, bad luck!



I had a fight with the dog man and killed it with a meat cleaver!!

Melee perk is great.

did it with a monkey wrench
and don't need to tell ya how satisfying that is

flying pie with a big sword

I did it with my bare hands, shortly after starting a new character. Was: Strong, Tough and Barefoot. I killed the thing with my bare hands and didn't get a single scratch. Felt good.

Oh man yeah I would be pissed too!! That sucks is a understatement!!

I've got the feeling, but that may just have been a streak of unlucky, that all
my characters that died against dogmen, died the quicker, the nastier, the
better equipped, healthier and later on in the game they were. :)

After gaining some more experience I think it's safe to say,
my own arrogance and provoking destiny is the main fault. ;-)

ive had some similarly frustrating deaths. but i kind of like it. i mean, the game loses its edge if you think you are invulnerable

go forth

Ouch this sucks. As I alsways take the melee and trapping perks I like luring dogmen into traps and than kicking them to death... kicking is the ultimate weapon in my opinion.

I have the tactics pretty down-pat now and consistently kill dogmen with my wrench, Strong, Melee and Trapping. There's still room for death by bad luck though; I think the element of randomness is too harsh for a game where death means starting over from the beginning.

Oh yeah, and night-vision goggles and noise traps - must haves. Would have died by now without those.

I got one for you, I had 20 bullets, full backpack full of food, random raider. "prepare thine self for judgement!" Charge, cardiac arrest, died.... That lucky bastard got a ton of shit from my dead body.

Water, water nowhere, and I drank the last drop!

I shot a Dogman three times. THREE TIMES. He bled and ran away. Later, he came back, after having stopped bleeding, and chased ME AWAY. With three bullets in his gut!

Make sense, not war.

that sucks man, Can you not save with the full version?

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men" Colossians 3:23

Yes, you can save normally in the full version, but when you die that save dies with you. There is a way to backup save files, but you'll always loose progress or forget to do it. Mr Unkillable sounds like an awesome character, sadly even the toughest warriors can have bad luck in a fight.

In my last play-through I went to the DMC and was diagnosed at the clinic... I was then told about my Cholera and Poison 3, I desperately attempted to collect and sell as many items as I could to get healed at the clinic but later died from bleeding in the lung... from someone who was frail, weak, and only armed with a crowbar. But dang... you got through that poison 3 and had 10K! I probably could've survived with that much cash... unfortunately most play-throughs of mine don't even get 5K.

С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть.