Third level of illness

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Third level of illness

From all of my playthrough I never suffered from third level of illness in any other way than death. Sometimes even it was like instantly what the hell ? Never felt any bigger drainage or danger outside of random instant death. Maybe only Sepsa because of that strange temperature problem.

But second thing shouldn't Hagerty clinic offer some more advanced (impossible to obtain in other ways) healing/detox(if poisoned)? Becuase right now if I have any dangerous illness I will go to ATN because of bear roots and tanin tea if no botany.

What I want to say it would be nice to give some random events like for blue rot each 2-3 turns you have coughing blood status. By the way its is possible to cure blue rot 3? (I have it like now 5-6 ingame days and nothing work for it)

Do you guys suffer from those illness or like me its sometimes bad surprise that you character die in 'full heath' from illness?

I could be wrong, but doesn't the Haggerty health clinic already offer something like that?

I believe it's the Nanorobot treatment, I've taken that when diseased before and it's both cured it and boosted my immune system.

Also, you're right, as far as I know Blue Rot is impossible to cure, but is also quite rare.
The other diseases are all possible to avoid and can be cured in various ways.

Seems pretty fair to me, just keep some antibiotics on you and /never/ eat or drink anything you're unsure about.
Unless you're...literally about to die.

I am become death; destroyer of worlds.

Yeah but nanorobot treatment is same to antibiotic + nanorobot medic kit even price is nearly same to one node and 5% of usage of kit.

There should be something like chemotherapy what lower your immune resistance to 1/4 or something but clear all disease.

Huh I ignored blue rot 2 didn't took any antibiotics because eating/drink unknown is something uncommon for me.

Still there should be something harsher to illness, because you walk with "healthy" player and suddenly dead ? What?

According to the wiki, Blue Rot is only incurable once it hits stage 3, and is invisible (incubating; no symptoms or effects) to the player at Stage 1 unless you get a diagnostic at the Clinic. So, Stage 2 is the stage where it first becomes noticeable, can still be cured, and is the stage it should -not- be ignored. :)

5-6 days is a little unusual to have Blue Rot, but supposedly there is a small chance your body can fight it off on its own. All you can really do is keep your immune system up with tannin tea and maybe clinic treatments. Supposedly, it's fatal after only 2-3 days. You've basically got plague in your lungs. :P Probably not the most promising outlook, but if you pull through let us know. :)

Died after week, with no chance because on few tries death was always in same turn (my cart broke and 2 turns later player always die no matter of treatment).