Electric devices + batteries

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Electric devices + batteries

My suggestion is to make refilling less annoying for our lovely usefull devices.
Because right now we need to empty out charges from our storage (or place at hand slot) and next we need to empty out device from battery (even more annoying with aa batteries because they stack).

My suggestion is to make devices into 2 different, example: flashlight into 2 different items as 'flashlight-no battery' (standard one) and 'flashlight-with batteries'.
In that way 'flashlight-with batteries' will have charges slots instead of battery slot.
Crafting recipe: Flashlight-no battery + 4 x AA batteries =Flashlight with 4 charge slots instead of battery slots. Plus from this Flashlight will have still same deterioration and will be less annoying to refill.

Going along this it can be just added 3 new items because old ones can work same as right now:
-Nightvision googles
-Water tester
All with batteries

The problem with that is then you need multiple crafting recipes for each item since the Flashlight has room for 4 AA batteries but it'll work with just 1. So you'd need 'Flashlight with 1 battery', 'Flashlight with 2 Batteries', etc...same for the other items.

Recharging items can be a bit inconvenient, but it's not that bad if you can get your hands on a larger charge container like the Laptop or iSlab batteries.

If anything should be changed it's the fact that batteries stack. I'd much rather see a Flashlight with 4 squares of space to hold 4 batteries than have to continue unstacking my batteries every time I want to transfer charges into or out of them. They'd be a bit more inconvenient to use as charge storage, but they're really not overly convenient for that purpose already and you're much better off using a cellphone with batteries or iSlab/laptop batteries for storing charges.

Like I said old one would work normaly, it is only for full battery stack things

When I've got time I'll look into it for my mod, I'm thinking of creating a seperate item and changing the current flashlight (and other AA Battery using things).

I'm thinking of doing it this way
seperate items
flashlight w/batteries can store charges
flashlight (vanilla) can't store charges

Recipe : flashlight + 4x AA batteries = flashlight w/batteries that can store 80 charges

Edit: Pretty much the way you described lol


I described it more chaotic but idea is same :D Thanks gonna wait for this

*Update v0.26 for v0.987b*
- made flashlights and water testers carry charges directly but
now you must add batteries through crafting.
Flashlight w/o batteries + 4 AA batteries = flashlight
Water tester w/o batteries + 2 AA batteries = flashlight

hope it works, too tired to test it right now ;D


No nightvision gogles?

aah woops I'll add in one for that

*Update v0.26a for v0.987b*
- made flashlights,water testers and nv goggles carry charges directly but
now you must add batteries through crafting.
Flashlight w/o batteries + 4 AA batteries = flashlight
Water tester w/o batteries + 2 AA batteries = water tester
nv goggles w/o batteries + micro cell = nv goggles

Also I tested it and its working lol, previous version was awful (was too sleepy to do anything right lol)


No nightvision .. !!!