An Idiot Abroad (Choose-Your-Own Adventure)

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An Idiot Abroad (Choose-Your-Own Adventure)

I've been reading through a number of Neo Scavenger stories, and I think it'd be a lot of fun to pool those experiences together and partake in the life of one Phillip Kindred!

But there's a catch! As an amnesiac who doesn't even know what state he's in, Phillip's traits and/or anti-traits will only be discovered over time. Don't try and play him as a Ranged marksman straight off the bat - he might not even know which end is the one he should point away from his head. Or do - this is your story, and good ol' Phil's only along for the ride :D

At the end of each piece I'll leave some options for people to choose. Post your preferred choice, and the most that agree with one option will have that action occur. Let's see how long you can all keep one gelatin-covered man alive. And be careful - as you very well know, the first two days are always the hardest to survive...


You are born into this world as a man free of all connections.

You don't remember the doors hissing open, but your consciousness stirs with the deluge of cryo-fluid that sweeps you out into the room and towards your first breath of fresh air in -

You shiver. Not because you particularly care about those sorts of details when your head feels like it's full of angry, mosh-pitting cotton balls, but you're suddenly aware of just how fresh the air feels on your gelatinned, naked ass. Cold cold cold.

And then gravity extends a personal hand of welcome into this unforgiving world, by smacking you face-first onto the tiles.

Groaning, you're left to pick yourself off the ground, sliding and scrabbling for a foothold in the goop that's all around you, because gravity's a dick like that. That fire-laced, tender feeling in your nose feels like the perfect counterpoint to the dull, aching mass of throbbing you're going to arbitrarily call your skull. You lift a slimy hand to your stricken nose and take an easy, gentle, delicate sniff. It smells lightly of disinfectant.

What is this stuff? And more importantly, where are you?

You grab a hospital gown hanging on a nearby hook and towel yourself off, absently taking in the room around you.

To the...north? South? Goddamnit, behind you, the canister you were ejected from is bubbling fitfully, as more gelatin-stuff spurts half-heartedly into the rapidly emptying chamber. From the high-pitched whirring noise the hoses are making, it sounds like it's running on empty. Around you, you can see more more canisters. Two of them have people inside. There's a computer terminal at the end of the room on your right. On the left there's a broken window, letting in all that cold-ass air. Nice one, window.

There's also patches of greenery growing about and into the room. Clearly, someone should fire the gardener and tell maintenance to clean this crap up. Maybe you will. Not like you've got much else to do, besides a little existential soul-searching.

Like: why do you know more about the properties of gelatin than your own name?

Looking down reaffirms that you are most definitely male, though, so you grab the second hospital gown off the hook and put it on. You know maintenance really dropped the ball on this one, but there's still a time and place for everything. As you approach the door, you start to wonder if maybe you are a travelling gelatin salesman -

But when you hear that blood-curdling, ear-splitting scream you know you'd rather be ANYWHERE but here. Something's gone terribly, terribly wrong. And you can hear heavy footfalls, thumping your way...


For the love of the fleshy bonds between your head, neck and shoulders, what do you do?!

- Climb out the broken window
- [Athletic] ARE YOU KIDDING?? You're going to take a flying leap outta here!
- [Botany] I dunno, there's some plants kinda lying around...
- [Hiding] Obey your inner child. Find a safe hiding spot. Stay there until the world is a nicer place again. Or forever. Whichever one is shorter.
- [Medic] You're certain that dumping the contents of a cryo chamber to distract a demon-monster was a plot on Gray's Anatomy once.


(Remember - you don't know yet which skill/s your character *may* have, so like in the game itself, circumstances have a horrible chance of going belly-up very, very quickly. Reply with your recommendation and I'll post the resulting action - and its results...)


Feared by all... Even the Merga

I'm gonna go with door Number 3!

Melee and Strong, Melee and Strong...

But no, seriously, Botany.


Botany, Defintaly

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Botany, cus everyone's goin with it.

I typed ze wrong name :( lol. I wanted sanjrang.