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But that would be overpowered aswell. xD
I actually think arrows shouldn't be able to stack inside bows but I'm not changing that coz ppl would hate it, lol.

It would be cool if there was a way to make things in certain containers stack more. Like being able to stack 4 units of water in one type of container and 2 in another.

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yeah I agree, mmm with liquids could always make it droplets? haha then each drop fills 1x1 square :D lotsa work though


Whiskey used to stack in droplets but it got removed coz it leaves room to fit other things in the bottle aswell, which was a bit weird. xD

I still have a picture from back then. I posted it when I pointed that out. :P
Whiskey and Lighter Fluid in the same bottle.

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haha damn I didn't think of that.


What about this?


can have certain liquids only 1x3 (bottles) and other liquids 2x2 (tin can) or change certain bottles to only be 2x2 like tin cans


also :D guess what! you can make a unique new container type for your arrows put that new containertype ID in FormatID of the arrow itemtype, then you change the ContentIDs of quiver to = new containertype ID and lastly, you must add that new containertype Id to the ContentIDs of Itemtype 24, then... Only arrows will be allowed to be stored in your quiver :D

And... thats not all! you can change the stack of arrows to 1 then, and make your quiver 10x10 lol

but then during combat you have to go into your inventory to every time you want to load an arrow, which is pretty realistic with bows and arrows lol!


I know, the quiver already works like that. xD

The holster will probably be like that as well, so you will only be allowed to put a pistol in there. Also, it will be a DMC Guard item so you won't be able to craft it. It will only be found on guards and rarely in the Junk Market.

A revolver holster will be more easy to obtain. Probably found in city hexes and the like.

The waterskin doesn't sound too useful, though. It will be just like a 2x4 bottle but you will be able to carry it in that particular slot, and it will be craftable but that's pretty much all its advantages. Maybe it could sell for more, I dunno. All I know is I already made the sprites for it. :P


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awesome :D


Gah! I decided to make the quiver's inventory across instead of downwards like goldbit suggested. It covers the backpack slot but it shows the arrow count that way.

Also, the holster is ready too. It took a bit of work since I made pistols a sepparated content/format ID, which required a lot of changes to most containers.

I guess I'll now make the last adjustments before uploading an update with these things.

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pistol holster looks wicked! :D


Chiko: On the subject of waterskins, please implement Stomachs from Dogmen and Deer, and allow them to be crafted with a single piece of hide, two medium string, and the aforementioned stomach, using a fire for the crafting. further, make them ONLY able to hold liquid, but have double to storage capacity.

Waterskins out of stomachs or bladders is more realistic but I don't really want to add stuff that will only have 1 use. I'm adding the ability to turn furs and pelts into leather patches via tanning. The waterskin is currently made by using a cutting tool, 4 leather patches and 2 medium strings.

The waterskin being able to only hold liquids is a good idea but to double the storage capacity would include a known issue, which is the ability to store two different kinds of liquids inside. I'm gonna suggest a way to make containers being able to stack different amounts of contents inside so we can have different containers. If the feature gets implemented then this holding more liquid than bottles will definitely be included. :3

Hmm... Maybe I could make waterskins use less room when empty, kinda like what happens with plastic bags.

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About the holster why make them non craftables? I mean the one you made looks like a professional one but how about one made out of leather like in the last of us? you could just change the color of the sprite.

I will probably add a makeshift version eventually. I'm thinking about other options for these kind of equipment.

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New update, lads. The new features are pretty much stuff discussed in the previous posts, here:

-New faction item, Pistol Holster. It will be carried by DMC Guards and it's used on the "special gear" slot.
-Leather can now be made with a tanning recipe. It takes a lot of time and resources but the new component will be used in a variety of recipes.
-Quivers can be made out of 6 leather and 4 medium strings using a cutting tool. They are used in the "special gear" slot and can hold up to 10 arrows.
-Waterskins can be made out of 3 leather and 2 medium strings using a cutting tool. They are 2x2 in size when empty and 2x4 when containing liquid. You need to either hold them in your hand or wear one the "special gear" slot to be able to store liquids in them.
-Combining Whiskey with Corn-a-Cola will create a mixed drink called Corny Wolverine. This mixed drink will increase the number of movement points by 1 and body temperature while decreasing hunger, sleep and thirst during the duration of the Corny Status Effect. When the effects are gone, you will be both hungover and crashing after a caffeine high. The Corny Status Effects cannot stack.

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sweet update :P~


I kinda liked the new mixed drink. I think I'll be making new ones for the next update. I need to take a look at the conditions... maybe I can make them have different effects.

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muahaha! science skill + poison berries + poison water + Dogman sample + Bob's battery = super soldier serum


That works too. xD

I also wanted to add the ability to extract poison from mushrooms and similar harmful items. Then use that poison to either coat bladed weapons with them to cause a one hit weakling status on enemies or poison food and leave them with your stash so when someone steals from you, there might be a chance for them to eat the poisoned stuff and die.

I will probably take ideas from this old suggestion I made a while ago:

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sweet, yeah!!!! poisoned arrows and weapons :P~~~~


About leather can you tell me the recipe please?

Sure. You need a cutting tool, a fire/water proof container, a handful of Twigs & Bark, 2 units of water, Tallow and a small pelt.

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Thanks awesome mod btw

So, I've also been thinking about new foodstuff and I have some ideas but I need opinions on them.

1-I want to separate the homemade bread into two recipes, the default one and an "ash" bread one. The default one will be the one already in the game but it will need a sauce pan instead of a stick and the new one will need a stick but instead of tallow, it will need 4 units of ash. It will feed less and makes you a bit more thirsty than the normal bread but it will last more.

2-How about having cured or already cooked meat as main ingredient options for the mulligan stew recipe? Or berries as another choice for the "extra cooking ingredient" in the recipe? I'm not familiar with mulligan stew so I'm not sure.

3-Cooked berries. It's like eating a poorly made jam but it's a new cooking option. It will probably have poisoned hidden recipes just like mulligan stew too.

4-Meat sandwich recipe: 2 pieces of bread and a cooked meat. I will try to include 2 recipes but the second one will be "hidden" in the original one. When you hit the recipe in the menu, it will try to add a recipe that includes ketchup. If no ketchup is found, you will get the regular recipe instead. If this work maybe I could add a new lootable condiment, like mustard packets.

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Red Gnome Diner can offer a new dish! the Dogman Hero Steak Sandwich! :D
Also I have no idea about mulligan stew, we just ordinary stew here lol


I've been trying to find what leather is, I know what it is but, is it hide in-game or something I can't find it.


Leather is not lootable for the moment. You can only craft it using a cutting tool, a fire/water proof container, a handful of Twigs & Bark, 2 units of water, Tallow and a small pelt. Its ingame name is Leather Patch.

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Working on new leather stuff for the new update. Leather Helmet, Vest, Gloves and Boots. I don't really like how the vest look but it was the best I could do. It was even worse before. It looked all medievalish. :P


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get rid of the pointy ends and make it longer and maybe more worn like fur coat - more stiches and maybe white and blue ones

You mean like this?


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That looks about right - maybe move the contrast and saturation sliders around, to get it to look more weathered. And don't worry about the "medieval" look - that's how it is supposed to look (hand-made, organic and somewhat crude).

EDIT: Something more like that:

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I kinda made it look more sharp, like the same sharpness in the gloves:

The extra length in yours actually looks cool too. It's kinda weird how a small edit can make something look different. xD

Also, I think it's time to make the lasts adjustments to upload the new stuff.

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lewking good!


leather super saiyan!


Mkay, the new update was just uploaded.It includes:

-A new homemade bread recipe that needs ash instead of tallow. "Ash bread" last more but it fills less.
-Leather gloves are similar to the tactical gloves but they are a bit heavier and degrade faster.
-Leather cap protects a lot less than helmets but they are easy to make.
-Leather vest protects less than tactical armor vest and has no inventory space but it can be crafted.
-Leather boots needs an extra ingredient besides leather and string, footwear. Any old shoe or boot will do, including a leather boot so this makes them "repairable" items.

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Speaking of repairable how about adding some recipe or kit to repair stuff? afterall this new Item requires quite a bit of work to make it would be a shame if they couldn't be repaired.

I guess I could add alternate hidden recipes for all leather items as a way to repair them. For instance:

1-Leather Vest + Leather Vest + 5 Medium string = 100% Condition Leather Vest
2-Leather Vest + 5 Leather Patches + 5 Medium string = 100% Condition Leather Vest

Either that or just allow them to be reversed back into its materials. I wonder if there's a way to make so it gives like half the materials you used to craft them or something like that.

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This is exactly what I was thinking about maybe you could make a recipe whom would work as maintenance for example using a vest or other leather equipment whose condition isn't below 80% and some string. If the condition is below 80% you could use the two recipes you wrote before since the piece would need some major patching. I don't know if it is possible but it would be really cool.

There's a bug in 0.8 I should fix now that I just got home. It explains why I've been seen so many people armored with a leather vest. The bugs replaces brown t-shirts with leather vests. :P

I will also add some extra content too:
-New item, Bark Solution. It's a liquid made by putting 10 handfuls of small twigs and bark in 2 units of water and boil it into a solution that will be used in leather crafting and in the repair of leather items.
-Tanning skins into leather will be a bit different. You will either need Tallow or Bark Solution. Also, you no longer need a handful of small twigs and bark but 2 units of ashes instead. It will also take less time.
-Small chance for bad muthas to spawn with a leather vest.
-Ability to repair leather vests with 2 hidden recipes. Hitting the recipe to craft a leather vest should reveal the recipes, if you have the materials.

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I tried to get fat from human corpse and it didnt work. I am playing modmerge.

You can only get fat from animal meat for now. Haven't included human fat coz of the cannibalism encounters and the amount of separated recipes I would have to include for that. :P

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Its a pitty - coz hunting is hard. I prefer to salvage people who attack me. I am not cannibal.

I know what you mean, which is why I'm including bark solution in the next update as an alternate to fat in the tanning of leather.

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Mkay. New update. It fixes the leather vest bug and adds the new content I mentioned before. It also adds the ability to cut a small chunks of fur from a dogman fur coat.

I couldn't find a way to make the leather vest repair recipes to be automatically chosen when hitting the leather vest recipe so you will have to manually put the ingredients in the table.

1-Leather Vest + 5 Leather Patches + 5 Medium Strings + Tanning Material
2-Leather Vest x2 + 5 Medium Strings + Tanning Material

These 2 recipes spawn a 100% condition Leather Vest.

Also, this new update requires you to start a new game.

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sweet update, also cutting up the dogman fur coat for dogman fur chunks is a nice touch


I kinda want to try new combat moves now. I will take ideas from this old thread: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/1342

I will see if the Taunt move I suggested in there can be implemented.

Edit: Well, I just added into my game:
It's supposed to do the opposite of the Threaten move but I have no idea if it's actually doing something...

Pew pew pew!

Well the Threaten move gives you a 1 duration (which I believe will last the remaining duration of the fight, as that's 1 hour) condition that modifies aFieldNames "Threat" by +1, so you could try making a condition that instead lowers your "Threat" field. Thats like the only thing that ever modifies the "Threat" field though so I'm not too how it effects your scariness like "m_fMorale" does.

Alternatively you could make a condition that lowers your "m_fMorale" for a duration, which makes you less scary and enemies more likely to attack you. A lot of combat moves already influence this by applying the Acted Cowardly or Acted Bravely condition for a duration of 0.011 (one combat turn?), giving a 0.3 boost or penalty to "m_fMorale" for doing things like either advancing, charging, or retreating.

Probably better to stick with modifying "m_fMorale" since we already know how that works, unless Dan can better explain the intricacies of "Threat" for us.

I gave m_fMorale a try and this one seem to work. I first tried it with +5 and it seemed to make humans run most of the time, but it seems animals are unaffected. Then I tried with -5 and it actually stopped one guy from running away but it was kinda harder to test than the other way around.

I left it at -0.3 and it lasts for 3 turns. It also distracts you for 1.

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You can taunt looters... and dogmen! =)

I'm adding another move from the linked thread. Stealthier players will probably like this one.


It's slightly different but pretty useful, IMO. It doesn't say there but it has a min range of 4 and a max range of 16.

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