Oh no, I'm thinking of the wrong ammo.

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Oh no, I'm thinking of the wrong ammo.

A few times now I've stumbled into this situation, but didn't find it with forum searches:
* Dogman enters my tile at a distance of 3 while I have a vehicle equipped and can't run straight away.
* Thankfully I have my trusty shotgun equipped for such emergencies.
* Unfortunately, last time I equipped it, I forgot to change the attack mode to match the ammunition type that was loaded.
* ...and changing mode to the correct ammunition prevents me from firing and stunning the dogman.
* Two turns later...
* I am now coughing up blood and possibly about to die, all because I was thinking of the wrong ammo while holding a loaded gun.
* Whoops.

In the spirit of this genre, I think players shouldn't even be told about ammunition options other than the one they have loaded.

I agree on this, I have had this issue with EVERY weapon that has multiple ammo types. I should NOT be robbed of the ability to fire on the first turn before the ammo type is set to 'Crude Piercing' instead of 'Crude Broadhead'. It is really aggravating to have a 30 day plus character killed because he couldn't fire because he was thinking of the wrong ammo type.

Hey Guys!

I think this suggestion makes sense, and I actually have a bug in the database for hiding unavailable attack modes. Hopefully, I'll have time to work on it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games