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Don't you die on me forums!

Favorite boards in these forums (General and suggestions) haven't had a post in over 20 hours. This is an outrage! especially with a new beta build just released there should at least be a bug report misplaced into the wrong board. Unforunately, this is indicating to me the popularity dying out on this game. I won't stand for letting that happen. I propose we spread the word about NEO Scavenger, share about it to your friends on facebook, make a thread on reddit, post it to /v/ or /b/, don't let this game die out. Even though this game may not be completely new to us on the forums if we act like we just found it and its so exciting social mentality will have other people interested in whats got us hyped and will also check it out. Enough of that attention and there's a better chance someone important will catch it and share it to an enormous community. Could you imagine if the yogscast or even YogscastSips did a game review or even a let's play of this? This game needs to get the hype it deserves. I know I for one am not usually the most motivated person and you might not be either. You might not even be motivated enough to reply to this topic because you trust that someone else will do it and it will be taken care of. This might be true for other games but we are a much smaller community which means we each need to work exponentially harder to have a voice in this ocean of human beings known as the internet. I plead to you, reader, get off of important stuff like homework and writing a letter to your grandma and get on social websites and forums and promote NEO Scavenger!

~Thank you,


Correct me if I'm wrong, but Neo Scavenger being available to the public is relatively recent, no? Few months or so? Not saying I disagree with your general intent, but I'd be a lot more concerned if it had been around longer. It can sometimes take a while for things to pick up steam.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool, though, so yes, you social-network-using people, do your thing!

Though I'd advise, maybe, staying off /b/...

Yeah but i just feel like there were more people active on the forums a week or so ago and this would be a bad point for the game to start losing its support I'm just scared for what might happen if Dan's funding runs out and we get no new features D:

If I could I would just say Shut up and take my money Dan! but i dont think i could fund this project individually, especially since i have no job :/ so this is my alternative method to make me feel like I am contributing.

Also, I tried to pledge I'd quit /b/ for a year i said that last month but... i went on a week later cuz i was sad and needed a baww thread >.> i think I need to try again.


Thanks for the vote of confidence guys! It's true that it's been getting a bit quiet around here. However, I'm not too worried (yet). I was planning on doing another round of publicity once a few important features are ready. Namely, improved combat and more plot. I think once those are in place, the game will feel more complete, and really shine in the eyes of new users.

Similarly, I've been holding off on submitting NEO Scavenger to web portals like New Grounds and Kongregate. There are tons of players there which I think would enjoy NEO Scavenger once I work out some bugs and add more story.

I think there are also a lot of people who enjoyed the idea of NEO Scavenger in the early builds, and plan to return later once the game is more polished. Including a few magazine writers!

So I think there's hope yet. I just have to fight the urge to do PR a little longer :)

Still, spreading the word is always helpful. If you know folks who may enjoy the game, by all means, let them know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Neo Scavenger is awesome, so I'm not really worried, honestly.

Something you might want to consider at some point to increase exposure, Dan, is the indie bundles (Humble Bundle, Indie Royale and Indie Gala... there might be others? Those are the ones I know, at any rate). I don't imagine it's a great source of cash (though you never know, I guess), but they're definitely a great way to get the word out.

GamersGate and Desura also both accept games still in development (I do hope you get on Steam at some point, but far as I know, you'll need to go Gold before getting there).

As for submitting to flash game portals, I think that's a great idea, but I definitely agree you should hold off on that.

I mean, I agree that it's a good idea to flesh a few things out (especially adding more plot events) before doing a PR push, but I feel this is especially important for flash portals (also, don't forget Armor Games).

The reason for this is that they have an incredible amount of great -free- things. Plenty of junk, of course, but there are some (completely free) fairly polished gems. I'm not saying Neo Scavenger isn't worth the money, obviously, but don't underestimate the psychological effect.

I can only speak for myself, of course, but if I stumbled on the Neo Scavenger demo on one of these sites, I'd be extremely happy, and I'd definitely want more once the demo was over. Thing is, right now, there isn't that much more. I understand the difference between an alpha/beta and a finished product, though, and make a habit of supporting indie games I like still in development when possible. This isn't something that can be said for everyone.

Someone who's only used to dealing with finished products might be turned off by something that's incomplete. And even if they somewhat know what they're getting into, they'd no doubt expect a fair bit more content from something they're paying for.

So, two main things before submitting to flash game portals:

1) Make it abundantly clear that paying for the game, at this stage (or, well, whenever you do this), is more to support development than actually getting more game to play. As much as I don't want to say "Assume everyone is an idiot", there are enough people who simply don't know about alpha-/beta-funding that it's important they know what they're getting into.

2) Noticeably more content in the "pay" version than the demo, which is not really the case right now. Don't underestimate the potential impact of being able to say something as simple as:

- More story!
- More items!
- More skills!
- More crafting!

*Click here to buy now*

Even if it's just a bit of each, variety goes a long way. Either take away a few things already present in the demo (not ideal), add to each category and make them available only in the full version (better) or do a bit of both (probably the most realistic option).

The emphasis should definitely be on supporting development, though. I can definitely understand being reticent to cut content from the demo (I would be, if I were you), but it's a sad fact that relying on funding stemming purely from good-will is not the most economically-efficient road (though it might be the ethically-superior one...). Bottom line is that paying customers expect something more for their money.

There's at least one game that comes to mind which has done something like this: Defender's Quest, which is also still in beta.

Rather awesome little RPG/Tower-Defense hybrid. The demo is on Kongregate (though you can also play it directly on their site)

As a side note, I discovered Defender's Quest after reading a rather excellent blog article on piracy written by Level Up Labs' head dev, Lars Doucet: Piracy and the four currencies . Recommended reading for anyone interested in the issue, regardless of which side of the fence they may fall on (if you read it, I hope you won't take offense to his Dragon Age II example, Dan... >.>).

I found out about Neo Scavenger through a fellow member of the Towns forum (Christonian, credit where credit is due), and one thing I noticed there is the massive influx of fresh mea--err... new members when the game was featured in Let's Plays by a few "youtube celebrities" (Paul Soares Jr. and Sips).

(shout-out for another favorite indie game of mine: Towns is awesome little city builder, Majesty/Dwarf Fortress hybrid, kind of; presently in alpha)

Point being, if you can get featured on some beloved youtuber's vids, that could go a long way. I admit I'm not personally a huge fan of these things, though, so I'm not quite sure how it works. Do they take requests, or should you just cross your fingers and hope they notice your game? I don't know. Just saying, if it can happen, somehow, that's a great way to get new fans for the game.

I'll stop now, as this is getting ranty and messy, and I'm going off-topic a bit too much. But, to recap:


a) I think waiting until you have more content (especially plot) before a PR push is an excellent idea.

b) Consider submitting Neo Scavenger to the various indie bundles, it could help a lot.

c) Also consider GamersGate and Desura, they both offer games still in alpha or beta. Steam should be aimed for, ultimately, but I think they only take games that have gone Gold.

d) Be careful of submitting to flash game portals, as people there are used to free things. That's not to say you shouldn't submit, but keep in mind the psychology of it all.

e) If your game can get featured by "youtube celebrities", that can be an amazing way of getting the word out and a bunch of new fans/players/customers/supporters.

Also, I didn't mean stay off /b/ entirely (though it's not for everyone), but I'd strongly advise against trying to "advertise" there. /v/ would definitely be better for that, but even then, I'd be careful about it...