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UI Work

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Hey Folks! Continuing the theme of yesterday's work in making the new game on-boarding smoother, I decided to work on some UI elements today.

While testing yesterday, I noticed the jobs menu (used to paint construction jobs) wasn't having any effect on a derelict. So I did some poking around. And weirdly, it worked fine on the chargen station. I couldn't find any problems that would lead to that buggy behavior. But I did manage to find a null pointer bug if one canceled out of the job UI over an empty tile, so I fixed that.

Starting Ship Changes, Condition Accounting Fix

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had what actually felt more like a vacation than any other weekend in a long time. We had friends over one night for dinner and games, and pretty much spent the rest of the time just sitting around outside, enjoying the weather. It's been a long time since we were that chill for a whole day, let alone two!

And what's more, back at the office, I got actual development done!

Pacot.es Interview!

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Hey Folks! Still quite a bit of admin work today, though a few bits of coding done.

But maybe Pacot.es heard your cries for more interesting news, as they published their interview with yours truly! In it we go over plans for Ostranauts, changes from NEO Scavenger, my thoughts on open development, and other questions about the business.

Soak Test 2, and Moar Planning

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Hey Folks! Didn't escape the administrivia yet, unfortunately. Spent most of the day on emails, documentation, and phone calls. Still holding out hope I can sling some more code soon.

I did, however, run another overnight test. This time with the auto-pause disabled. When I arrived at the desk this morning, the game had been running for 9.5 hours. Again, everyone was alive. (Yay!) Some were sleeping. Others awake.

Soak Test, and Project Planning

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Hey Folks! Unfortunately, today was pretty shot through with business admin tasks. Mostly in the form of project planning.

However, I did run another soak test last night, where I let the game run overnight. When I checked in the morning, all 6 crew members were still alive! And the game appeared to be running pretty smoothly, too. No overheating/frozen rooms or NaN pressures. So that's good!

Character Trait Effects, and Project Planning

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Hey Folks! Finished up adding stat effects to the character traits today, then continued with some project planning.

Social Combat Sneak Peek

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Apart from the spambotpocalypse Discord seemed to suffer, it was fairly low key for me.

Still more admin work this morning, involving banks, company annual reporting, and email. But once that was done, I was able to finally sync with Michael's work. And lucky you, you get a sneak peek!

Mouse Changes

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Hey Folks! Sorry for the late news today. Had a school function to attend with the family.

Most of the work today was administrivia anyway. But I did manage to rework the mouse controls to try an experiment with streamlining the user experience.

Previously, you could open the context menu by right clicking and holding over an item. And right clicking a tile would walk to it. Now, right clicking opens a context menu. No need to hold. And if the tile under the cursor is walkable, a "Walk To" context option appears.

Emotional Effects of Discomfort and, You Guessed It...Admin!

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Hey Folks! Good news, today. A lot more gamedev progress made!

But the day didn't squeak by without a bunch more admin work. End of Q2 is here, which means time to do the books, pay state taxes, pay myself, pay federal taxes, then tell the fed that I paid them. Still don't understand that last bit, but whatever.

New Floors, and Even MORE Admin

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Hey Folks! Some new admin tasks hit my desk this morning, so only a little dev to show off. However, it's at least visual!

After letting a few users test out the game unguided, one of the more consistent points of feedback is that the ship layout legibility needs work. A number of users had to put too much effort into understanding what is what, visually. And in particular with the floor and walls, that's not good.