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New Toys!

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We hung out with some friends we hadn't seen in a while, which was nice. Unfortunately, I got really sick Saturday night. But it improved over Sunday, and I was able to work today.

And lucky for us, it's something I can show easily: new toys!

Enter the Crowbar

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Hey Folks! Mostly a planning and talking day today. But we finally have our next tasks defined!

Social Combat Fixes, and the Salvage Loop

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Hey Folks! I was able to get a little bit of work done today, mostly focusing on bugs with the social combat UI. But I also just wrapped-up a really fruitful chat with the other contract developers about what's next. I'll start with that.

Initially, this was a conversation meant to get everyone in sync after my vacation, since we hadn't chatted in a while. And I thought I'd create a document to help illustrate my plans for the project scope and dev schedule, so everyone was on the same page about what we were aiming for.

Back In the Saddle

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good two weeks. I had a wonderful time visiting with family, exploring nature, singing karaoke, and trying out new bourbons :)

Back at the office, I've nearly clawed my way out of the email pile that accumulated. I still have a few things to reply to, forms to file, and tasks to finish, but I should be able to resume dev as soon as tomorrow!

What's more, I think that was the last major vacation for my foreseeable future. So I should be able to regain momentum from here and start making better progress.

OOO Until Oct 2nd

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Hey Folks! Just a quick update to let you know I'll be taking a break from development until October 2nd. I'll still be checking emails and doing my best to stay on top of stuff, but basically taking a break for two weeks to hang with the family.

See you all soon. And until then, have a good one!

Lighting Upgrades, Interactive Career History, Job System, and New Art!

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Hey Folks!

I'm waaay past due for another video, so here's what we've been up to!

So what's new?

We've got a new lighting renderer, choose-your-own-adventure character generation, AI job management system, and as always, new art!

New Lighting, CYOA Chargen, Crew Jobs, and New Art

Condition Reveals, and Audio Progress

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Hey Folks! My work doesn't have much to show today, so lucky you, you get a sneak peek into one of the latest concept art pieces! Can you guess what we're looking at?

Most of my morning was spent on admin stuff, unfortunately. But I did get a little more work done on social UI revealing hidden conditions.

Stat Reveals, World Sim, and Audio Work

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Hey Folks! A lot of activity today, though not a lot to show for it just yet. I spent a good half day or more working on stat reveals, while Chris and Bjørn talked next steps.

Also, big news on the publisher front: we signed!

Even though we announced our partnership a while back, we were still finalizing contract stuff over the past few. But we officially signed the paperwork this morning, and we can now move on to great things together.

Crouching UIs, Hidden Conditions

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Hey Folks! More work refining the social combat UI today. I got the foundations of a hidden condition system setup, and made a series of other tweaks to improve the UI as I worked.

The big change here was to upgrade the conditions on characters so that they are hidden/revealed a bit more like NEO Scavenger. Each condition now has params to define how it should display by default, depending on whether the observer is the self or another.

Social Combat Flow

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Hey Folks! More work on the social combat UI today. This time, getting it to respond to user input and start closing the loop.

As you can see in today's screenshot, it's now listing all available interactions in the lower left, and selecting one updates the preview area. Right now, I've got it setup like a radio button. Choosing one deselects all others, so we only click one at a time.

In NEO Scavenger, it was setup such that you could add zero or more items before confirming. And sometimes, choosing more than one input changed the outcome.