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New Portraits Animated

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was pretty frigid here in Seattle (by Seattle standards, anyway). Even had a bit of snow! And we have officially become pansies who can't stand the cold anymore. Shivering around the house with blankets on. Our former Edmonton selves would be so ashamed :)

As you can see from today's image, I was finally able to animate Emily's portraits! She sent the pieces to me this morning, and I hooked them up to the old face rigs to see what it looked like:

Chargen Room, Cont'd

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Hey Folks! Diving into the character creation room today. I still like the overall plan, so I think it's worth trying. The details and such will evolve, most likely, but getting it up and running is the first step towards figuring out if it'll work.

First order of business is to create some items from which to launch the new UIs for character creation. And today's image is a snapshot of those. Just placeholder art for now, as the metaphor can still change. And I'm sure someone like Emily could do a better job :)

Basically, I just need 4 items:

Character Creation Room

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Hey Folks! Still trying to get a handle on how character creation is going to work.

Early in the day, I started work on a special UI scene in Unity for character creation. It was based on yesterday's brainstorm, where I thought I might try to structure it like setting up a PDA for a new user. The thinking was that it would fit just about every origin story, and could be pretty versatile in showing the different UI elements needed to choose things like homeworld, stats, appearance, etc.

5-Tone Faces, and More Origin Story Work

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Hey Folks! Had most of the day free to work on character generation/origin story stuff. But first, faces!

Portrait Mockups Part 2, and Administrivia

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Pretty low-key, here. The fun factor for Fallout 4 seems to be fading already, and I'm considering picking up something else. But on the plus side, Expanse season 2 is now on Prime, so I'm rationing that :)

Today was unfortunately mostly admin work, between email catch-up, annual tax prep, and some other office-y stuff. However, Emily's latest portrait mockups arrived, and they're looking good!

Career Development, OOO Monday

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Hey Folks! Work continues today on the career path part of character generation. Roughly 30-40% done with the list of careers I've set out to do.

I decided to try and tackle the more interesting careers first, rather than just going through each from top to bottom. This includes careers where I can picture how the character gets their first ship, as well as careers most likely to be selected first. So far, that includes: shipbreaker, squatter, doctor, law enforcement, private security, and prisoner. And probably some tech and pilot ones next.

Skills & Careers

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Hey Folks! Reworked the skill list today, and moved from there into careers. And there's been a change of plan.

After some more thinking, I decided I was going to try the opposite approach for skills from NEO Scavenger. Instead of adding skills one-by-one, and trying to make each equally useful, I'm going to just add all of them right away, and try to find uses for each.

Character Portraits, Skills & Traits, and Careers

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Hey Folks! Exciting day, today. Emily's most recent work arrived: character portraits!

The above image shows two potential styles to use for the character portraits, and I think they're looking wonderful. They're very eye-catching, and a pretty unique style, too. Definitely a step or three beyond what I was peddling :)

Character Traits

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Hey Folks! Took a bit of a deep dive into character traits today, and I'm making pretty good progress.

Initially, I was trying to tackle the question of social strata, and how to frame the choice between those as a player. I decided to just "go for it" and start listing the strata options for each place, falling back on boring citizen/permanent resident/illegal trio for places I couldn't do more creatively. And despite that, the outcome was pretty good. A few places have some interesting variants, but all seem to make sense.

Locations Approved, Chargen and Beat Analysis

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was a (mercifully) fairly quiet one for us. Olympics season is here, and while I'm not a huge Olympics guy, Rochelle likes winter games. So we splurged for Olympics streaming access, and introduced our toddler to the "bumpy bump skiing" game (a.k.a. moguls).