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Patch Testing, Save Files

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Hey Folks! Mostly mobile patch work today, and a minor UI bug fix.

Tiago was able to check-in his save system upgrade, so we began testing the patch today. Currently, updating the app wipes saves, and this is one of the things we are trying to fix. There appear to be some special places on Android and iOS for saving files that don't get wiped on updates. And, as you might expect, both are completely different :)

PC Save Corruption: The Search Continues

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours involved a lot of cleaning poop and pee as we potty trained the little one. Progress is being made. But so much poop and pee... Good research for NEO Scavenger 2, perhaps.

I spent pretty much the entire day trying to reproduce the PC save corruption bug. And at one point, I thought I had it! But alas, no luck yet.

DMC Alignment Bug Fixed? And OOO Monday

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Hey Folks! Finally got into a rhythm working out the DMC map bug on iOS, and I think I've fixed it.

It took several tries, and a lot of guessing and checking via compile->simulate iOS device->tweak->repeat for various devices, plus a few build-toactual-iPads thrown in for good measure. And most of a day later, I think the fix is checked-in for Tiago to verify on his iPad.

iOS Again...

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Like an unkillable monster wearing a hockey mask, iOS is back at my doorstep. This time, due to a retina rendering issu- wait a minute. Is this a repeat?

Yes. Yes it is.

Looks like we still have some rendering discrepancies on certain iOS devices. And once again, it's due to retina wonking-out the device's reported resolution. Haxe just doesn't know what the heck is going on with these devices, that report having two different resolutions simultaneously.

And though we thought we had fixed it before, it appears it just moved the problem around.

Isotope Mine Bug, and More Course Plotting

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Hey Folks! Bit of a split day today, as I worked on both mobile bugs and the space prototype.

The morning bug fix session focused on me catching-up on forum bug posts, and then tackling an encounter crash reported in the Isotope Mine. It seems if the encounter uses part of a stack of items, the game crashes with a null pointer.

Voronoi Tapping, and Other UX Tweaks

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Hey Folks! I have a potentially exciting-yet-boring update in the works for mobile: voronoi tapping! A.k.a. more forgiving tapping on small items.

Datafiles Sorted, and Crafting Crash Part 2

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Hey Folks! More bug fixing today, as I sort out the various datafile bugs and find yet another crafting crash!

The situation with datafiles, as it turned out, was pretty messed-up. The game was doing a few things incorrectly, resulting in really weird outcomes. One part was that it returned requests for a "random data file" with the same data file over and over. (Namely, the generic template used to make data files.)

Another bug overwrote the template each time a new datafile was loaded, so loading any additional datafile changed all existing ones in-game.

Smudge Sticks and Data Files

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Hey Folks! More mobile fixing today. The focus was on some item bugs that were reported recently, and involved a lot of detective work.

The first issue affects the Giizhik smudge stick, and probably a few other, similar items. (Like dog-be-gone.) Basically, if the item bestowed a condition while contained in any slot, the game would ignore it. This was due to a parsing error in the data handling code that just ignored item data that had no specific slot ID.

Mobile Crafting Crash Fixed?

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Good news, everyone! I think I've found and fixed the random crafting crash bug on mobile! And that might be the only thing of consequence I've done today.

Still, though, this was one of the most oft-reported issues on either platform. "Game crashes constantly," and "crashes after a few turns," and "sometimes crashes, usually during crafting" were some of the only clues I had to go on, until this one Google user:

NEO Scavenger iOS/Android v1.2.2 Released!

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Hey Folks! NEO Scavenger mobile has just been updated to v1.2.2 (build 4400). Builds are available immediately on Android, and should be available soon on iOS pending Apple approval.

The following updates are included in the patch: