Item Stacks, Inventory, and Trading

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Hey Folks! Late start today due to some site maintenance stuff, but still managed to get a fair amount of inventory and item stuff fixed.

Early in the day, a reported spam post alerted me to a handful of users that slipped through the net. I ended up trawling through the logs to make sure I caught them all. Thanks to all who reported the spam!

Tweaking Power Systems

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Hey Folks! Progress was a bit limited today, due to a parent-teacher conference this morning, and some tax paperwork in the afternoon. However, I did manage to get a little bit of quality time with the reactor and battery system.

I'm trying to get the reactor to route power from batteries when its power bus is set to anything except "off." Sort of like a giant switch that can connect upstream batteries with downstream ship systems.

Refactoring, Art, and Taxes

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Hey Folks! Sorry for the missing news yesterday. I ran long with some tax work and getting feedback to contractors, and as my usual news-writing window blew by, I figured I'd just catch-up today.

Half Day, and Admin Work

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Hey Folks! Short post today, as I was taking care of the little one for part of the day, and the rest was admin stuff.

Michael appears to be making good progress on the pathfinding optimizations. Typical short range calcs are sub-millisecond times, and even cross-ship paths only take 8ms. Compare that to visible hitches with *any* pathfinding attempt when on larger ships...should be a nice change!

Announcement Planning

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Hey Folks! A bit of a mix today between announcement content work, and planning. The planning is the biggest thing, so I'll start with that.

Reactor Control Layout Nearly Done

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Hey Folks! Back at the office today after a nice break. It felt good to not be following social media for a while. I think it revealed how stressful things like Twitter can be without me realizing it. And it's giving me some food for thought on how I consume content in the future. Not sure how well I can operate a business like this without social channels, but maybe I need to start rationing my usage.

Teaser Teaser

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Hey Folks! Not a lot of progress today, as quite a few interruptions and admin work got in the way.

What work I did manage to do, however, was for the upcoming teaser video. And today's image is a teaser for the teaser, so to speak. Joshua and I were chatting about possible scripts for the teaser, and I think we've settled on this establishing shot: we see NEO Scavenger hex tiles, and we pan up into space. From there, we show off in-game footage of the new game.

Video Work and Lighting Bug

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Hey Folks! Bit of a short update today, to go with a shorter day. Plus, a lot of the stuff I did today was more administrivia.

I had to cut a new gameplay video for NEO Scavenger to be used on the Kartridge store. This one is meant to be a background video, so needed to be shorter, looping, and more demonstrative than a typical trailer. A couple hours to record the footage and cut it together, then notify parties waiting for it.

We Got to Install Microwave Ovens...

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Hey Folks! After a morning full of taxes, accounting, and other administrivia, work resumed on the item installation system. And I've got most of the pieces working now for the main crew member.

When we left off last week, I was able to select an item, position a placeholder copy of it somewhere, and my crew member would walk to it, take it into their inventory, then walk to the placeholder and take that, too.

Field Trip

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Hey Folks! Not a lot of progress today, as most of the day was consumed on a field trip to Valve's offices. They hosted another developer lunch, wherein they solicited feedback on their developer tools, the Steam store, launching games, etc. It was nice to get out and talk face-to-face with some other devs for a while. Not to mention educational, as we chatted about things like wishlisting stats, coupon strategies, games as a service, Early Access anecdotes, etc.

A useful day for business-person Dan!