New Floors, and Even MORE Admin

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Hey Folks! Some new admin tasks hit my desk this morning, so only a little dev to show off. However, it's at least visual!

After letting a few users test out the game unguided, one of the more consistent points of feedback is that the ship layout legibility needs work. A number of users had to put too much effort into understanding what is what, visually. And in particular with the floor and walls, that's not good.

Better Tooltips, and More Emails

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Hey Folks! Another mixed bag today, as I juggled both admin tasks and some development.

The main thrust of today's dev work was finishing my clean-up of tooltips. I didn't expect to have a lot of time to deep dive into the NaN pressure/temp bug during fast forwarding, so I tackled the smaller task of tooltip legibility.

Previously, the tooltip was littered with debug info, weird names, redundant info, etc. When I let a friend test drive the game, they said they completely ignored it as a debug tooltip.

"Social Combat" and More Admin Work

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Beautiful weather here, and visiting friends pretty much all weekend. So a nice change of pace! I welcome the summer.

Unfortunately, a lot more administrivia for me to do today, as I answered emails, did more project planning, and generally try to course correct for the long term. However, Michael saves the day with a last-minute check-in of his recent work on "social combat!"

More Project Planning

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Hey Folks! Short update today, as it was another project planning day.

I think I've got the project plan and budget mostly complete now, with correct accounting of pre- and post-Early Access milestones. And in reviewing the docs, I thought of a few more things I missed earlier.

AI Fix, and Budgeting

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Hey Folks! Just a short update today, as most of the day was spent on budgeting/planning.

Recently, while testing a build to show a friend, I noticed that some of my AI was skipping over important part of interaction chains. Basically, the AI was remembering that the punchline of the jokes had a big payoff, and wasn't bothering with the setup anymore.

Portraits Revisited, and Community Group Admin

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Hey Folks! Michael and I are still due for a chat, and I'd like to see how that goes before I decide on my next gameplay change. We both have some ideas to kick around, and it makes sense to coordinate.

So in the meantime, I decided to look into portraits again to see if I could make them a bit more stable. I tried to tweak one of the expression anims a few weeks back, and noticed some issues. First, it was a real pain to nudge all the bones around in Unity, and hard to see what I was doing without saving and launching each nudge.

Get Up, Aaron. Job UI Progress. Also, Admin Stuff.

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Hey Folks! Bit of a short update today, as a good chunk of it was spent on some business-y emails. But we do have a bit of progress to talk about!

First of all, Aaron. Always lying down on the job. Ripe for some discipline, he is.

Actually, that's the first screenshot I have of the new avatar mesh and animations in the game! He's currently standing in idle mode, but there's a bug that causes the avatar to be rotated 90 degrees. So he looks like he's stone cold fallen face-first into the floor.

IMB Entry Done, Bug Fixing

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Hey Folks! Finally finished my Indie MegaBooth entry today. Took most of the day wrapping-up the video, checking the build for bugs, fixing the bugs, checking it again, and then writing a massive ReadMe.txt in case anyone gets lost...I really worry about what someone is going to think if they pop this build open and get lost. There's just so much going on.

IndieMegaBooth Entry, and Some Usability Work

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Hey Folks! Mostly non-dev stuff today, as I get ready to submit an application for the IndieMegaBooth at PAX West. There's a whole whack of stuff needed for the application, which includes a build and a 3-minute raw gameplay video. So most of my day was spent putting that together.

Unsurprisingly, it's turning into quite a challenge to pack everything about Ostranauts into a 3-minute video. Especially without the usual trailer-editing tricks. My first few attempts to walk through everything naturally blew way past the 3 minute marker.

Lighting Bug Fix and Video Prep

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Hi Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. The usual yardwork for us, including a very stinky compost transport run in the car. Fortunately, we had a nice afternoon of games with some friends to relax a bit.

At the office, it was a little bit of coding, admin, and prep for a new progress video.