BBG Seeking Contract Programmer for Ostranauts

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Hey Folks!

Blue Bottle Games is seeking an experienced contract programmer for Ostranauts. Medium to long term engagement.

More info about the job here.

If anyone you know might be interested, please direct them to the above link. Thanks!

Welcome Charis, BBG's New Community Manager!

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Hey Folks!

Starting today, you're going to see a new face around the various BBG's channels. Let's say a warm "hello" to Charis, our new Community Manager!

Charis was previously working with Cinder Cone (check out their upcoming Skeleton Crew!), helping their social channels and community to stay vibrant and welcoming. And with BBG's sprawling community spread across many sites, I'm looking forward to having a similar helping hand!

Hardware Failure

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week(end). We had a very busy week of seeing friends, eating variations of Thanksgiving meals, and playing games. It was a nice change of pace, and break from the usual. Though pretty exhausting!

Back at the office, work is still a bit slow as I handle some admin tasks for a good chunk of each day. In my actual dev time, I'm brainstorming social tactics players and NPCs can use in conversation. And that list is getting pretty interesting.

Audio System, Social Combat Thoughts

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Hey Folks! Tomorrow's Thanksgiving here, and I hadn't had a chance to post yet this week, so I wanted to get something out there to keep everyone in the loop before I was off.

It's been a crazy amount of admin work lately, and unfortunately that means little new stuff to show. Most of the fruits of my labor include conversations, spreadsheets, PDFs, and chat logs. All important stuff that should hopefully yield cool stuff in the future, but not much to look at right now.

Social Loop Prep Continues

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Hey Folks! Work on the social loop preparations continues, as does general user experience improvements, and we start preparing for some audio work.

I've nearly got the install/uninstall system switched over to the "destructable style" method. I was able to fix the leftover loose item, and get the install/uninstall to continue working on an item until it reaches a progress threshold.

Career Events, Skill-Gated Actions, and Misbehaviors Continue

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Hey Folks! Just wanted to check-in today to keep you updated, even though there isn't a lot to see yet. I did my best to take the least confusing screenshot of my current work, and I don't know if I succeeded :)

Anyway, Michael is off and running on more career life events and choices. So far, these are sounding like a lot of fun, with some really cool outcomes to apply to our captain. He's splitting time between writing and implementing them, which is a huge help because...

Lamps, Inventory, Hacking, and Accounting

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Hey Folks! Got a little bit done on the work lamp today. Chris tried out a hacking effect. Michael's updated the inventory grid. And administrivia strikes again!

The work lamp now support a power toggle action, so it can be found in an "off" state, switched on, and used around dark places. Still no battery usage or anything, but it's getting there!

Back In the Saddle

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good two weeks. I had a wonderful time visiting with family, exploring nature, singing karaoke, and trying out new bourbons :)

Back at the office, I've nearly clawed my way out of the email pile that accumulated. I still have a few things to reply to, forms to file, and tasks to finish, but I should be able to resume dev as soon as tomorrow!

What's more, I think that was the last major vacation for my foreseeable future. So I should be able to regain momentum from here and start making better progress.

OOO Until Oct 2nd

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Hey Folks! Just a quick update to let you know I'll be taking a break from development until October 2nd. I'll still be checking emails and doing my best to stay on top of stuff, but basically taking a break for two weeks to hang with the family.

See you all soon. And until then, have a good one!

Stat Reveals, World Sim, and Audio Work

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Hey Folks! A lot of activity today, though not a lot to show for it just yet. I spent a good half day or more working on stat reveals, while Chris and Bjørn talked next steps.

Also, big news on the publisher front: we signed!

Even though we announced our partnership a while back, we were still finalizing contract stuff over the past few. But we officially signed the paperwork this morning, and we can now move on to great things together.