Blue Bottle Games, LLC makes video games for players who enjoyed pen and paper role-playing and strategy games, and want to have those experiences on the computer.

Our games are detail-oriented, and focus on exploring worlds, deep systems, customizing characters and equipment, creative problem solving, and story.

Blue Bottle Games

Latest News

  • All the Feels

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    Hey Folks! Continuing work on AI needs, thresholds, and other related systems today. And as you can see, I may have introduced a bug. Sorry Andrella...

  • Preferences and Thresholds

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. More of the usual here, as we did some home maintenance stuff, and visited a street fair uptown.

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  • AI Needs and Command

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    Hey Folks! After a short bug fix to restore ship damage, I started revisiting the AI needs system, and figuring out how to expand that. Also, how will that affect command?

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  • New Anims, Roles, and Drafting

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    Hey Folks! A bit of new animation today, Michael's plan for roles and jobs, and the ability to draft crew now working.