A number of folks have asked for a more convenient way to browse NEO Scavenger's change history. It's a little (okay, a lot) late in coming, but here it is!

Note that this covers all beta builds since September 2012, since those were (relatively) easy to transcribe automatically. A number of builds were uploaded prior to this date, but will require delving into the Monthly Archive linked at the bottom. Hope this helps!

Neo Scavenger

How long can you survive the post-apocalyptic wastelands of NEO Scavenger? In the near-future, supernatural activity and human warfare have fragmented mankind into pockets of civilization struggling to survive in wild and dangerous lands.

Mobile Testing, and Website Upgrade Discord Party Tomorrow!

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We ended up doing a lot of yard work for some reason, including climbing a 22' ladder into a giant tree, and digging up some bizarre concrete lamppost base with trash can lid bird bath on top. It had crumbled and rusted beyond use, and currently sits against our back fence as a monument to the past century of homeowners.

Mobile Progress, New Website, and More Logos

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Hey Folks! A bit more work today on the new game title and logo, while Tiago swept-up the remaining mobile bugs.

Tiago was able to figure out a bug in the demo that caused paragraph breaks to be ignored. It turns out this was not only due to platform-specific line ending characters, but also the way git converts them on check-in/out. As if line endings weren't complicated enough, we now have git to worry about :)

Back In the Captain's Seat

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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good week. I think having a few days to look at trees, sky, and water was a good thing. Too much screen time lately.

The down side of that, of course, is that I have to play catch-up when I return. That was this morning. Lots of emails, messaging, reviewing, and such. A bit of accounting and legalese, too.

I still have a bit more of that to do, but at least I'm back up-to-date for the most part. (As much as usual, anyway.)

Mobile UX, and OOO

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Hey Folks! Today was one part mobile dev, one part admin work.

Mobile Bug Fixes, Fidgety Items

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Hey Folks! Spend the entire day working on bugs with Tiago. He's been handling a handful of the more system/OS-oriented things, while I've been fixing more data-related and UI stuff. The good news is that we think we have pretty much all of them solved already, or at least know how to solve without much work!

One thing not officially on the list, though, is item fidgety-ness. After finishing my bugs, I decided to take a look at this because I was struggling with item placement on mobile.