Making Downloads Work

Hey Folks! More webdev work today, as I started migrating the download system into the live test server.

It started out pretty straightforward, as I checked-in the files, uploaded them to the server, and began testing. I had a few bumps as I changed things to work in the new environment (e.g. adding some code to bootstrap the content management system on a stand-alone PHP page).

However, I ran into a snag: the PHP I wrote to serve game files seems to have permission issues on this new server. The users/groups must be configured differently, since it worked on my old site but not here. (And manually running the commands on the command-line in SSH works if I use the folder owner user instead of the Apache user.)

So I've changed everything I could to be ready to go, and sent a message to the webdevs to ask for their recommendation on the permissions. There are some standard ways of doing it, according to StackExchange, but it's their hardware, so I don't want to mess things up (or make a security mistake).

Hopefully, that won't take them much time to respond to or do, and I'll be back to testing soon!


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chmod 777 *
Problem solved.

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LOL. I was thinking of just providing my admin username and password on the download page. People will know what to do ;)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games