Webdev Unlocked

Hey Folks! Another webdev day today, and probably at least one more in store. Today's tasks were twofold: establish access to the test server, and setup the order template.

The first task was basically getting me setup to start editing files on our test server. Until now, the webdev team I hired made all changes, and anything I asked for was done indirectly through them. This worked for the most part (indeed, it's why I hired them!), but we recently ran into a snag with the game download system. It seems the CMS we're using doesn't have a good fit for the way NEO Scavenger file access is controlled.

Ultimately, we decided to revert to the file access system I wrote on the old site. It works, and has no known issues for now. Well, except for one: I'm the only one who is familiar with it :)

Hence getting me direct access to the server. This was always something I intended to get at some point, if nothing more than to satisfy curiosity. But this system setup pushed that need up a bit in our schedule. Fortunately, getting access wasn't as hard as I expected. The main thing was to get an SSH key setup on the remote server so I could log in and use git to update the server files. Also, it lets me use SCP (a fancier FTP) to upload game files to the server, which was the main reason I'd use it later on anyway.

So far, so good. My minor test edit is now live, and tomorrow, I'll likely start the bulk upload of the system for testing.

The second task was a lot less glamorous (yes, really). You know when you buy NEO Scavenger from my site, how it goes through FastSpring to process payment? (Of course you do! Wink wink.) Well, that shopping cart/payment flow needs the new site design, too. And the way it works is to basically copy the html and css files from the new site and make a template out of it.

It involved a lot of trimming unnecessary code, copying and pasting, minor tweaks, and trial and error. However, there is now a shiny new order template sitting on deck at FastSpring for when we flip the switch. One less thing on the list!

And that was it! That was my exciting webdev day. As I said above, tomorrow will likely require some more as I upload the file access code and test it. But hopefully, that's the last major thing I need to do for the new website.



With all the things you have to do, that aren't related to the space game, maybe you should hire a programmer. ;-)


But I did! Multiple, in fact :)

For the most part, the webdev stuff has been pretty self-contained. While I've had to manage them, they actually did quite a bit without me. I.e. migrated my old site to a new web host, new DNS, new transactional email service, new regular email service, and new mailing list service. And that's on top of redesigning the site, making it responsive, and making it more secure.

This is just one of those things where I could pay them thousands of dollars to reinvent the wheel (which we actually started to do, but failed), or just spend a couple days of my own time dusting off and patching my wheel from the existing car :)


I meant another one exclusively for the space game.


No! It's mine! You can't take it away from me!