Webdev Setup, and Some Orbital UIs

Hey Folks! Still a bit of downtime as Tiago finishes up the DPI-switching code, so I continued my resurrection of the orbital plotter prototype today. I now have the orbit plots aligned with the display center, and scaled to "kiss" the edges of the display. This will be my default 100% zoom of an orbit, from which I can start scaling up or down to represent zooming in/out.

The next step will be mapping a combination of zoom amount and physical distance to the display, so I can just pump some actual planet data into it and still see them on the screen. Eventually, the idea will be to start animating them based on the passage of time, and hook up some nav UI to plot the ship's position in the System.

I'm expecting flight to be somewhat indirect. It'll be mostly plotting routes, calculating supply needs, and waiting. I may have small sections where the controls are more direct, for things like docking clamp alignment, or maybe mid-route orientation reversal to begin deceleration. But no dogfighting or anything.

I think. I did rather enjoy planetfall in Starflight, so I'll have to see how that feels when I get there.

Before I could get too far along, however, the webdev team sent me notification that I was granted git repository access. Basically, this is access to the version control for the new website, so I can start uploading some of the more custom game-file-download system I built for the old site.

Unfortunately, this means ramping-up my knowledge on a constellation of systems, from types of git flows and bitbucket, to SCP, bash, and RSA keygens. I'm half annoyed that I have to do this, but on the other hand, I should really learn how to do this in case the poop hits the fan. Once this stuff is in place, I can still rely on the webdevs to maintain 95% of the site. But I may need to get in there for edits to this custom job if there's a hurry (or I want to save money by not paying for their ramp-up of my systems).

Anyway, more of that tomorrow!