Setbacks On Two Fronts

Hey Folks! Unfortunately, both the iOS and website situations experienced some setbacks today.

The draw call optimizations Tiago recently made haven't stopped the crashing on my iPad3. We think it has affected the rate, possibly for the better. But we're still seeing crashes in the ballpark of 1-5 minutes on encounter screens, and 0:40-2:00 on the hex map. Still short enough durations that regular users will hit them in normal play.

The good news is that disabling the message window (1 lass draw call) may have fixed this, so at least we have a way to avoid the issue. (Thanks, ra1 for the idea!) The tricky part will be finding a way to take advantage of this without hiding important UI items.

On the website project, the full version download feature revealed some serious flaws. It makes it possible for any registered user to download the game if they know the special URL. That, and Yukon customers have no way to get their special versions.

I've asked the web devs if this means we should revert to the old (current site) way of handling files. They think it might be the same effort to go either way, but that it'd be ideal to push forward and use official plugins and features of the CMS instead of homebrew systems. I can see their point, particularly since my reasons for hiring them is so I can offload web maintenance and dev. So we'll see where this goes.

Not a great day for dev, unfortunately.

In other news, Josh's latest track is in, and has a decidedly "Tech Noir (Terminator) meets Mass Effect club" vibe, which is perfect. Old and new simultaneously :) It's slated for use in techno-club style venues on stations and colonies in the space prototype. (Think Shadowrun Genesis bar music.)

Also, the accountants finished my corporate tax return. Nothing owed nor refunded, which is good. But yet another expense. This should be it for the year, though!

Hopefully, more successful news tomorrow. Fingers crossed!