Bugs Decimated, New Site Update

Hey Folks! It was a super productive day today, I'm happy to report. Lots of bugs solved, a possible solution on the horizon for one of the remaining major bugs, and a new website update!

The bug squashing began with changing the way auto sort works on mobile. The teensy button was really hard to hit with touchscreen, and especially so on smartphones. And there wasn't enough room to make the button bigger in each of the places it got used, since it could appear in some tight UI spots like between backpack and shoulder grids, or between ground and paper doll info.

So after some thinking, I decided to try a different approach: context menus!

I mean, why not? We have them now. They work for things like using, mode switching, emptying, and rotating items. Why not also use them to auto sort an item's contents?

So that's what I did. All the auto sort buttons are gone now, and a new (bigger) button is in the context menu for any slotted item. And since the ground didn't have a visible slot item, I added one!


Behold the new ground slot.

This new slot art does two things: first, it makes it possible to conjure a context menu for the ground (to auto-sort, mainly). And second, it (hopefully) makes the ground slot just a bit clearer to new users, who often report not understanding what that left grid represents. This won't nail it for them, but it's a step forward.

I also did some weeding/pruning in the context menu to remove some redundant options. Stack/Single was in there because there didn't used to be a way to change cursor modes on mobile, and there is now. I also removed rotate options from slotted items, since this is pointless as they reset to zero rotation in their slots.

I also fixed a tutorial bug that was causing them to be shown over and over, as well as a bug that cause crafting items to disappear when returning from the main menu.

Meanwhile, Tiago may have found a way to stack trace my iPad 3 crashes remotely, so there's hope we have a fix soon! Current bets are on too many draw calls on some screens.

Finally, the web developers have informed me they have a new game file upload/download system in place. The new site had some issues with this before, and there is now a way to handle it. A few kinks to sort out, but I think this'll work.

Not a bad way to end the week, eh? Have a good weekend, all!