Glitch in the Save and Exit

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Glitch in the Save and Exit

Several times my game has frozen when save and exit is selected. the game will save but you are unable to close down the game successfully forcing you to manually shut it down. when loading the game, map data may be effected with landmarks erased and past travels gone.

the biggest problem so far related to this glitch is that landmarks and items will be erased from selection in the HUD interface. i lost my laptop and access to the last chance and the hatter, making my game a wash and forcing me to restart.

Sorry for the issues in saving! Can you tell me a bit more about what's going on during the crash?

  • Which build number is listed under the logo on the main menu?
  • Which platform are you playing on?
  • Does the crash happen all the time? Or is it only certain situations? (E.g. when the game has been running a longer time and/or lots of the map revealed)
  • Was there any other odd behavior before the crash? Sometimes weirdness beforehand signals that the game was starting to crash due to things unrelated to saving, and the save process was just the "straw the broke the camel's back," so to speak.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I just experienced this issue last night. Looking for a solution or at least confirmation that I can continue with this playthrough.

version is 1.15, and I'm playing on Windows 10.

I began the playthrough on my laptop, then copied the save file over in order to continue on my desktop. (Not sure if that could have contributed).

Hadn't encountered much of note in the game, but did store a bunch of stuff in exam room 17. Hit Save & Quit, saw brief saving game message, but no "Quit" button appeared. I checked the save file, which was a small-seaming 95kb. Eventually just closed the application and went to bed.

Things seemed fine upon reloading, however the map is unrevealed aside from my current position. When I made it back to the cryo facility, I was able to enter exam room 17 (as if I had never been there), but there is nothing there. Also, it is not available as a camp site.

I don't have a problem losing the stuff that was there, but I don't want to continue playing only to get stuck later on because of these or other yet unseen issues.

Would be grateful for any help or advice.

Have an update...

Continued the playthrough and made it to DMC. Saved and quit. Unable to resume now. Loadup is stalled on "Loading: Creatures..."

Don't know if this is related to the above issue or not. Sure would like to continue this playthrough. Will save a copy of the save just in case it can be recovered.

Just came across this bug today. Been playing for probably 50 or more game days had just killed the Merga Wraith near DMC and gotten the Elusive trait (already had unstoppable) got the Merga loot and noticed the game would "save" but no Quit appeared. Closed game and copied save file but when I went back in the game was corrupted lost everything in my camp including my cart (and my camp) and the exposed map was all screwed up. Everytime I restored the file the terrain changes where I was. I also went back to a much older save and it corrupted as well (plus the size went from ~2mB to 400K). Runnignt he current build in Windows 10. I can send the save file.

@onioneer, can you describe what happened with the "much older save" corrupting in a bit more detail? Like, were you able to load it normally and play for a while, and later it corrupted? Or are you saying it was impossible to load the older save at all?

If you were able to load that older save normally, and cause it to become corrupted fairly easily, this might be a useful file for me to find the save bug.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey Dan, I only just saw this near as I can figure the "much older save" was from at least 10-15 hours of playing time before the corruption started and when I loaded and played from there it corrupted fairly quickly (went from 2,136 KB to 68KB) the other files I saved were from about an hour apart and already corrupted (but the size is 2100KB range. I still have the files.

Interesting. That "much older save" might be useful in finally tracking down the (or one of the) save corruption bugs. Would you mind either uploading it somewhere I can download it, or else emailing the file to me?

It sounds like I might be able to load the file, playtest a bit, and hopefully trigger the bug in a setting where I can watch what system is causing the corruption.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I have version 1.15 and Windows 10. I absolutely love this game. Recently I got to the point where I can survive for days and with care I have basic survival down. Eventually I will be moving an object from one place to another (has happened with everything when you drag an object with the mouse) and there will be a freeze and hard crash that requires a hard reboot to recover from and my character is gone. I don't use any Mods. It's making it hard to play when it seems likes it's just a matter of time until it freezes and I lose the game.

Just to clarify a few details:

1 - Are you saying the game freezes and hard crashes? Or do you have to force-close the game?
2 - Does "hard reboot" mean you have to reboot Windows? Or just the game?
3 - Does "character is gone" mean there is no save data at all? Or that the save game is corrupt?

The bug you describe sounds pretty serious, but might be a different beast altogether.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games