Website Pre-Check, IAP Testing

Hey Folks! More invisible work today involving the upcoming website, beta testing, and discord. Though, with any luck, it'll all be highly public stuff in the very near future :)

The website pre-check is just auditing all of the features on the new site to make sure they work correctly. Assuming they do, the next step is to duplicate it to create an empty husk, into which we'll start pumping all the content from the current Blue Bottle Games site. E.g. forum posts, blog entries, avatars, etc.

This will mean the site has to be "frozen" for a day or two to make sure we don't try to copy a moving target. I.e. you (and I) won't be able to post new content anywhere on the site for about a day or two (though likely less). Current estimate for that is Monday/Tuesday next week.

Once the copy is done, we'll review the copied site one more time for anything missing, and add that in. And then, LAUNCH PARTY! (Date TBD.)

Meanwhile, I just sent out a request to iOS beta testers to start trying the in-app purchase flow. And so far, we have some hiccups to solve. Everything from having to manually restore a purchase to the full version unlock not starting at all. A mobile game dev's work is never done!

Still some other UI issues to tackle, too. But that's the big one right now.

So nothing really fancy to show off or talk about. But soon... :)


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Hey, how does one apply to be a beta tester? Or is it some sort of privilege the devs give out? Not trying to be pushy, thanks! :)

Wouldn't it be cool to have a Zom Zoms in your town?

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So far, it's been a pretty limited beta. Namely, the tester was in the right place at the right time with the right testing device :)

If I need more, I usually post either here (blog) or Twitter. So if you're interested, keep an eye out for the next invite!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games