Email Migration! And iPhone Success Continues

Hey Folks! Not a lot of gamedev done today (by me, anyway). Most of the day was spent on two things: office setup and email migration.

Email migration is getting my email systems moved to a new service. Gone are the days of my old email/name/web server as I migrate each to a modern, specialized server. So today was pulling hundreds of MB of mail from the old servers to the new one, updating account info, passwords, syncing to local mail apps, etc. A lot of time waiting between steps. Perfect for...

Office setup and unpacking!

The office setup is good old fashioned hammer and nails stuff. I finally setup the new shelves I ordered/made, and they're not bad at all! I'm still sort of figuring out where everything goes. I haven't had this much personal storage space in a really, really long time. Some stuff is coming out of boxes for the first time since...2009? Feels good to stretch out again and personalize a space permanently!

I still have a way to go yet. And maybe another file cabinet or mini shelf to make room for the last of the crap pile. But the stuff is mostly off the floor now and arranged nicely on steel and pine shelves. Looking forward to having the full kit on display!

Oh, and just to keep folks in the loop. It looks like the new website may launch in as little as a week. I'm starting to think it might be a good time to announce the discord channel officially, and maybe have a website relaunch party of some sort. Hmm. Could be fun!