iPhone Fixed? And New Office Shelves

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was crammed full of everything from house repairs to meals with family, and it feels like we've been on our feet since Friday. Work was almost a bit of a break!

But not too much of one :)

After squaring away several emails, bills, and the like, it was time to look further into that iPhone rendering issue we've been having. And we may have the thing licked now. Finally! We found this SDL scaling bug fix which sounds suspiciously like the issue we're seeing.

Basically, the code was calculating the screen scale factor using numbers that were too low precision, resulting in a crude/rounded scale amount (e.g. 2x instead of 2.61x). One of the beta testers already reports success on his iPhone 6+, so we're optimistic!

Also, my new office shelves came in! I have three tubular steel 6-foot uprights now, and bought several planks of knotty pine for some shelves to run across them. I sanded them this afternoon, and cleared away most of the space where I'm going to install them (a.k.a. moving piles of crap from one side of room to the other). All that's left now is setting them up, and anchoring them to the wall. Then, I can move crap from the floor to shelves!

One step at a time :)

Overall, not a bad day! Here's hoping that iPhone fix goes the full 9 yards!