Short Day, and OOO (Sort of) Monday

Hey Folks! Just a brief update today as I had to cut things short to prep for some house guests.

I did a bit of research on social login providers today, after layarion made the excellent suggestion to allow Steam and certain other providers to log into this site. Especially with the mobile release coming up, having to create a new account here for a mobile bug is probably more than most want to do.

If this works, users can login with Steam, Google, Facebook, or a range of other providers. I think it'll create a proxy account here to store all the info for that user, which means the usual site stuff should work, too.

I've created a task for the web devs to give me an estimate. I'm hoping not too hard/expensive, as there is already a plugin designed for this in the new site software. Fingers crossed!

Also, if you're a keen reader of the forums, you've noticed Galahir950's post about a discord server. First of all, big thanks to him for helping get it running! I'll be making bigger waves about it next week, when I'm more available to greet new users and chat a bit. For now, it's a more subtle advertisement of the new server to try it on a small scale, work the kinks out, etc. I'm pretty excited about it, though. A fair number of folks have been asking for something like irc, slack, or a similar chat area for NEO Scavenger. It's not necessarily a replacement for the forums, but rather an alternative way to talk and hang out with other users.

More specifically, some of the previous times when I've participated in live Twitch streams of NEO Scavenger let's plays, it was a great way to chat with players, answer questions, crack jokes, and generally hang out. A great tool for events, and might be a good place to do some special promotions! (E.g. AMAs, giveaways, scavenger hunts, etc.)

Finally, due to the aforementioned guests, I'm not expecting to be around much Monday. I may pop by a little as time allows, but Tuesday is my first official day back.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Tuesday!