Tutorials In, New Website Update

Hey Folks! The new tutorials were uploaded today, and the new website was also on today's plate.

Tutorials were finally checked-in today, as I finished up the reset button for them. I decided to add it to the Help screen since that seemed more logical than Options. More room there, too.

That, however, didn't stop me from rearranging a few things on the Options screen. Namely, getting the mute buttons aligned with the sound channels they affect, as well as adding some graphics to make the volume adjusters look more complete/connected.

I think the tutorials are now good to go. But as they say, "proof of the pudding is in the eating" :)

The latter half of the day was spent on website upgrade stuff. We are getting ready to migrate my email from the old host to a Rackspace account. It's a bit more expensive, but also should be way easier to maintain. I.e. I don't have to maintain it :)

We went over some of the stuff necessary to do that, setup my account, and I'll likely start the migration next week.

You probably didn't notice anything, but we also migrated bluebottlegames.com to a new DNS server yesterday on Cloudflare. Again, this means better maintenance and sustainability under load. Basically, professional-grade traffic routing for the site, and no hand-holding needed from me.

We also moved the site's transactional email service to a dedicated provider called MailGun. It's (again) a professional-grade service for sending the various new account, password reset, and comment notifications from bluebottlegames.com. Along with the same benefits mentioned in the above systems, this should come with better email routing and verification. I.e. no more hotmail users wondering where their welcome email is! Woohoo! I have real email again!

Ahem. The final piece of the puzzle will come in a few weeks, when we switch on the new site. We've been working on a complete site redesign and upgrade, with new features and a nicer appearance. Even mobile-friendly layouts!

Plus, this is on (you guessed it) a professional-grade hosting service designed around the content system the site uses. So once again, a more robust system underneath it all to keep things running smoothly.

And as an added bonus, when the poop hits the fan, I can call up my trusty web developer agency and ask them to fix it, while I get on with gamedev. Amazing! Delegation! It'll cost me money, of course. But hey, so does not getting any work done while I stress-out about a security breach.

So while this isn't as exciting as a new game for most of you, this is kind of a big deal. Soon, one less thing on my plate. And that does mean new game stuff, since I'll be able to devote more time to it. Woot!


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Not to be a thorn in your side, but I think if you allow Steam login you will get more people participating in the website. I have no knowledge to back that up, only that I would rather not create a new account for every article, blog, game, or review site I come across.

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Just look out that you dont spend too much money at once.
A lot gamedev throw themselves quickly by something like this into the crisis.

(may bad english sry)

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@layarion, I like the idea! And I agree. I am also hesitant to setup new accounts if I can avoid it.

I think there might be a plugin that allows certain social providers (including Steam) to handle login. I'll float the idea with the web agency doing the site, and see how much of a hassle/cost it is to integrate.

@Taikai, believe me, I will try :) The goal is to minimize ongoing costs so I can work for a long time before money becomes stressful.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games