iPhone Woes, Tutorials Done!

Hey Folks! Another busy day today, so that's cause to celebrate. Though a good chunk of that work was puzzling through iPhone weirdness.

Just when we thought we had the new iPhone high-DPI screens figured, they're wonky on two of our testers' devices. The screen the game engine sees is different size than the actual screen. Like, we're scaling up 2x when we should be 3x. None of this is helped by point sizes, render sizes, physical sizes, and the various scaling voodoo that goes on.

I am really starting to dislike Apple again :)

In better news, I think the tutorials are done! Well, the first stab at them, anyway. I even had some time to add quality-of-life enhancements such as a timer to prevent one firing directly after the other, and shielding the user from clicking through the tutorial and moving accidentally on the map.

It's actually fairly context-sensitive, too! If you end a turn with a bleeding wound, it hints at the conditions screen. If you get a usable item, it tells you how to access that menu. Etc.

And what's more, it'll remember to only tell you these things once. Which leads me to the piece that's missing: resetting tutorials in case you want to see them again. It's a fairly simple task, but the tricky part is where to put it in the UI. I started down the path of restructuring things on the Options screen before I realized it'd make more sense on the Help screen.

Even so, some of the changes to the Options screen are kind of necessary now that we have a music mute button. So I have a bit of UI work ahead of me. Still, though, this was a large and complicated task that is (for the most part) done!