iPhone Testing, Tutorial Making

Hey Folks! iPhone testing is in full stride today, and tutorials are making progress.

The recent batch of iPhone testers are sending in results now, and we're already finding issues. Worse than the scaling we feared, some are completely unable to start the game due to unresponsive buttons.

So far, the culprit might be a UI resizing event missing from the various game states. But at least one user seems to have the patch for that with no effect. We're scratching our heads as to why, particularly since the emulator shows different results. More testing needed.

In better news, Tiago was able to close a whack of bugs in our tracker last week, so we made lots of progress on that front!

I've also got close to 3/4 of the tutorials implemented, and so far, so good. I was about to add the next, but I've run into a weird null pointer issue during item screen tutorial checks. I think it's just a matter of postponing the checks until the game officially starts (i.e. after skill selection), but I'm a bit confused as to why it ever worked before and not now. The programmer's curse!

The web team is ready to do a DNS overhaul for the site, which is slated for tomorrow. We're not expecting any downtime as it's supposed to be a seamless DNS propagation, but you never know.

The good news is, once done, the DNS will be managed by a dedicated CloudFlare service, instead of my old clunky webhost CPanel. In layman's terms, this means better resiliency to traffic spikes and bogus visitors. And if recent setup process is any indication, way easier UI for managing settings.

Quite a busy day! It seems like whenever I have a productive day like this, I usually say something like "hopefully the momentum continues tomorrow!" And then tomorrow ends up being a bust. So I won't jinx myself this time :)