BBG Office Setup, 2nd Attempt

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was not the most relaxing, as we spent it scrubbing, scraping, painting, cleaning, and generally continuing our move-in. I've been trying to leave business hours for work, so that leaves evenings (ha! as if I have the energy) and weekends to continue unpacking and arranging.

I'm sore all over from what amounts to Cinderella-esque janitorial duties and moving boxes around like low-poly CG dudes in a Dire Straits video. But I am rewarded for my effort!


The Return of the Home Office

Probably the most impressive thing about that photo is how clean the desk is. But the pile of crap behind is is there to remind me I have a lot more to do. Shelves are en route, and off-screen are some music-y toys I've had in storage for far too long. This might be a fun little workshop once I'm done!

In terms of actual work work, it was more a management day than anything else today. The website folks needed some more DNS changes, as my efforts seem to have been ignored by my webhost. I've decided to turn the controls over to them, since having them to handle stuff is kinda why I contracted them in the first place. (Note to self: keep reminding yourself of this!)

I also started revisiting the disease stats and discussing more with Kaaven and Tiago. I think this is a case where, technically, the system is working as designed. But the design may need fixing.

After number-crunching cholera, and then testing it in the live game, it appears cholera is only 86% deadly. It brings a healthy character close to death, but a careful player can avoid dying. Since cholera has a 50-60% mortality rate when untreated, this might be too low. But then again, nobody's noticed nor complained since 2014, when this change happened (in the PC version). But then again then again, who's going to complain cholera is too easy to survive?

Well, apart from Kaaven ;)

I'm going to run some more numbers and tests tomorrow, particularly in the other diseases. Maybe we need to amp-up some of these diseases by 20-30%, to bring them more in-line with reality and restore their former glory!