Website Nearly Done, Taxes, and Mobile Woes

Hey Folks! Feeling a bit worn out today by taxes and mobile issues. But at least there's one glimmer of good news: the website is just about done!

I'm currently reviewing the last handful of fixes from the developers, and after that, it's just migrating email services from the old to new providers And then...launch the new site, I guess?

I might want to wait and see if there's a way to time it with the mobile launch. But it might also just be good to get it over with so the kinks are worked-out before more visitors come. Hmm.

Taxes are, well, taxes. Suffice to say it feels like every year, there's a new layer of annoyance to deal with no matter how many other layers of annoyance we've cleared in years past. This year in particular feels a bit like that scene where Gandalf knocks the balrog off the ledge, and just when you think it's dead down the hole, a firey whip zooms up and grabs Gandalf's ankle. Except the balrog is the CRA, and Gandalf is our retirement funds.

And if that wasn't enough, NEO Scavenger mobile is stumbling hard on certain devices.

On one hand, small screens are frustrating some test users (legitimately), and I'm really worried it might not make the cut. We've tried to mitigate a lot of that pain, but when you get down to it, NEO Scavenger is a fiddly game with lots of precise UI. And small handsets are not a good pairing for that.

On the other hand, iPhone screen sizes are just annoying. Apple has this "logical vs physical" difference in the reported screen sizes, and it's playing havoc with UI. The game engine thinks the iPhone 6 has a screen res of 667x375, while the actual screen is 1334x750. Apple wants people to measure things in "points" for consistent UI sizes on screens of varying sizes, but the game doesn't work that way. It just places things on the screen at certain pixels, and that's that. (Seriously, look at this mess.)

At one point, I was like "F-it. This is the straw on the proverbial camel's back. No more smartphone support." But I'm going to try and sleep this one off. There are more than a few smartphone users out there who want it, and it's worth me at least trying.

But seriously, Apple. Kick me in the gut some more, will you?