New Shipbuilding Track, Web Update, Trailer Prep, and Taxes

Hey Folks! The parade of management tasks continues today. And despite getting to work a bright and early 1.5 hours early (thanks baby daughter!), I still managed to go a complete day without being caught-up.

Josh's latest shipbuilding track was one of the first things on the list. He sent it Monday, but I only got around to really giving it some time today. I try to listen to each track a few times to get him some useful feedback, even if I'm completely happy with it. I'm hoping that helps him recognize the bits that make the difference for me, and smooth future work.

In this case, it was the 3rd shipbuilding track. This one's another looped format, so we can start and stop at arbitrary points to get a bit more mileage out of it. And the mood is a good technical/fabrication one, suited well for the purpose. We have one more of these before turning to other soundtrack needs, such as more in-flight track variety, or some special case tracks.

The web developers made a few fixes overnight that I had to test out. And due to my overly complex business logic, I had to do a little code editing to get it just right. (Namely, differentiating what users see if they're game owners or not, combined with logged-in or not.)

Josh (Cauller) made some adjustments to the trailer script, and came up with a plan for what's next. And I think we're about to switch into high gear soon. He's off to PAX East soon, and after that, we're in the chute!

And finally, taxes. Ah, that time of year again. And always a huge crater in my productivity. And with the cross-border move last year, incorporation of the business, and a number of other complicating factors, this is going to be a profitable year for my accountant. (Which is still preferable to a stressful one where I work on taxes for weeks personally! Not to mention, probably cheaper in the long run as they know more about tax code than I.)

So another day of being Mr. Businessman. The good news is that taxes were kind of a silent time sink over the past week or two, and that should now be mostly out of my hands. The other tasks are ongoing for a while yet, but will probably also be getting lighter over time in aggregate. (Not to mention, resulting in some pretty exciting content to share!)

The days of gamedev may soon be upon me again!