Trailer, Mobile, and Web Work Continue

Hey Folks! Still a whirlwind of activity here as three of my projects converge.

I was finally able to review the demo website in more detail, and provided a list of feedback and bugs for the developers. And while I was poking around, I tried to figure out how to make edits in the various parts of the new content management system (CMS). I was starting to get pretty frustrated/disheartened as I struck-out in menu after unrelated menu until I stumbled upon the right one. This repeated a few times until I had enough little victories that I was starting to feel like I was gaining competence.

Sometimes you need a small victory before you have the confidence to try for a bigger one.

So why am I using this "confusing" CMS? Well, technically I've been using it since day 1. I just used it wrong. I hand-coded a bunch of things instead of learning the CMS, and the CMS has certain built-in ways of handling things. Think of it like your grandma only being able to open a file by launching an unrelated app, navigating to a recent file, downloading it, and opening the new icon from the desktop. That was about the level of competence I had.

Except maybe in my case, grandma wrote a .bat script to automate the above :)

On the trailer front, I finally was able to send a batch of creative assets to Josh for perusing and inspiration. And also, a more formal script review and feedback. We're considering using actual player quotes as a sort of narrative/dialogue between two characters. But one question I have is whether we can make this flow in a way that doesn't sound weird or unlike the world of NEO Scavenger.

And finally, Tiago's finished some new builds that fix several of the bugs we've identified recently. One of which is a special mute button for the music that actually bypasses loading it at all. We're going to see if this is a viable fix for really low-end devices that have no room in RAM to load music files while the game runs. And at the very least, it might be a useful field-debugging feature to see if end-user crashes are due to memory.

As I said, lots of parallel work going on! And I really dislike being the manager! I miss coding pedantic, detailed simulation systems :)