Trailer Research

Not a lot to report today, as it was mostly research and testing for trailers. But I did make progress on that front.

For one thing, it appears there is a way for me to record footage of the mobile build on PC without the cursor appearing. Which is good! Whatever I do for the trailer, I now have a way to insert footage of the actual game. But watching the cursor-less footage is a bit weird. Like watching a game haunted by a poltergeist :)

That got me thinking about whether I should approach the trailer differently. The PC one was kind of a neat mini-story, with lots of cursor-centric footage.

But for mobile, I could go mostly with footage of stuff that doesn't need the cursor as much. (E.g. dragging an item, encounter screens, walking the map). Or I could use more quotes from the press. I could go live-action with something like a scavenger sitting in rubble playing NEO Scavenger on their iSlab. Heck, I could even do a humorous narration of certain gameplay elements.

I have options, in other words. The trick will be figuring out which are worth doing. And which I can afford :)



I'd personally like to see an ATN warrior leap out of the shadows at some random Blue Frog. Live action sounds like it would be awesome, but also very costly. I hope my input gives some form of relevant information or idea spinning... I can't find it though, so good luck.


I really like the idea of the scavenger playing it on his iSlab interspersed with shots of real action.

Even funnier would be him eventually muttering "unrealistic" and throwing it back in his backpack.


I agree the live action approach could be a lot of fun. Though it'd need enough game footage to pass certification, I'm guessing. I think their rules state something about the game showing actual graphics instead of cutscenes, etc.

I was thinking about it last night (instead of sleeping), and another one that made me chuckle was imagining someone like Sir Patrick Stewart "thinking out loud" to various clips of game footage. Like, a lot of cut-together clips of him reacting like an annoyed old man at a newfangled gadget, mixed with bits of him getting excited about plastic bag loot, etc.


I chuckled like mad when I read this! It was mainly the plastic-bag loot, but still. If you could find a way to do that (affordably) that would be awesome.


A quick question- what will be the projected retail price?


@Galaxy, probably on the order of $9.99. Comparable to King of Dragon Pass, Avadon/Avernum, Baldur's Gate, etc.