More Admin, and Resuming Mobile Work

Hey Folks! Still catching-up on the inbox here. I managed to get back to a few more people, pay some more taxes, and review some web design updates from The Jibe. But I also had a little bit of time to test some mobile stuff.

The business-y stuff is as dry a topic as always. Business and Occupation taxes for December needed filing/paying, inquiries needed replies, etc. The Jibe stuff was actually more interesting, as it was visual in nature. We're talking about a fan art page for NEO Scavenger, where I can (finally!) post some of the cool pictures folks have sent.

On the mobile game, Tiago's back in action. We reviewed where we left off, and what's next. One thing I could do immediately was to test the latest build to verify some fixes on iPad, and most of those worked. I'm anxious to resume work on the PlayerCondition memory leak fixes, as those were left in flux. I've also learned of a tool for debugging/memory leak fixing called DebugDiag, which I might be able to use on Windows builds of the mobile game. It could help reveal things I'm missing with internal tools.

Will I open the code editor tomorrow? We shall see!