2016 Has Died of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

2016 Has Died of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury...


...and good riddance.

Happy 2017 everybody! If you're reading this, you've made it across the line. Congrats! Now, if you can survive another three weeks, you'll also escape the Chinese year of the monkey. You know, animals that like to throw poop everywhere. With it's departure, we welcome the fire rooster which, according to sources, rewards hard work justly.

I dunno about you, but I'll be bunkering down in an abandoned IT office, tracks hidden, no campfire, and noise traps everywhere. And maybe a pit snare with a banana over it somewhere I can watch through a rifle scope :)

Anyway, here we are. I managed to get almost caught up on a load of business admin stuff that piled-up during the break. Things like paying Josh for his latest (and awesome) in-flight track, filing and paying business taxes, year-end accounting, etc. I still have several emails to catch-up on, and of course, getting back up-to-speed with Tiago on the tablet build. Those memory leaks await...

But, it feels good to be back at the helm. I sense a good year ahead. Health and prosperity for us all!

Starting in three weeks ;)