Ship-Making Music and Site Maintenance

Hey Folks! Switched things up a bit today and worked on the site and music playback for the space prototype.

As you can probably tell by the red banner at the top, and possibly by the site maintenance earlier today, it was a day of web-admin work. More code updates and patches. The Hotmail/Live/Outlook issue isn't solved yet, and I've asked my webhost about it. However, there's also a new feature (or rather, a revamp of an old feature that was lost): abuse reporting.

On the old site, users could report a post if it seemed abusive or spammy, and it would alert me so I could take a look. Somewhere along the lines, I accidentally replaced that with a different reporting feature that seemingly did nothing. Seriously, Kaaven had to email me with an "is this thing on?" inquiry the other day. Clicking it didn't even provide feedback to the user that anything happened.

So I installed some new software today that should make it more effective. Now, each post's report "link" flags the post so I can take a look. It'll also email me the first time a post gets flagged, so I don't miss it. It's pretty basic, but it should work better than the thing that was there before (which, I reiterate, did nothing). A low bar to exceed, but there it is :)

I also did a bit of audio coding for the space prototype. Taking a break from mobile dev, I turned my attention to Josh's latest samples. It's a refined set of clips that can be used to dynamically form tracks by layering and playing them at a certain tempo.

There were some subtle differences this time, though. For one thing, the tempo was slower. Also, these are shorter and meant to be played entirely, whereas the old ones were longer loops that had random pieces/segments played. This way is both easier to create content for, and easier for me to manage in code.

So far, I think the code is working. I even have two "phases" for the music: an intro and main phase. This way, the opening measures can sound one way while the main part of the "song" is different. For now, only certain tracks like bass and percussion are likely in the intro, while most other tracks come in later. I think it still needs work, though. But I need more time to articulate why, or what's needed.

Anyway, a bit of a different day today. Possibly more of this tomorrow. Tiago, meanwhile, is still kicking butt on bugs. Several more fixed this morning!

That's all for now. Have a good night, all!