Scavenging Memory Leak Fix, and Business Stuff

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I used actual tools and lumber this weekend to build a counter stool for the toddler. Despite grumbling through most of it, it feels good to have actually fashioned something with tools! Also, power drills are like the best things ever.

I was all over the place at work today. Paying off State Business and Occupation taxes, renewing my city business license, reviewing corporate credit card offers, and various other paperwork-y things.

And once that was done, I fired-up the iPad and Android phone to see how the latest build was doing. Tiago reports that our memory leak fixes have reduced the leak by 80%! Woohoo! And apart from two null pointer issues that were to be expected, it's looking pretty stable. We now have room in memory for music!

Still the aforementioned null pointers. And Tiago's chasing down sleep/wake crashes, particularly on iOS.

I did manage to solve one of the null pointers in scavenging. Turns out I was destroying all scavenge locales in a hex each encounter turn, instead of just the one that was used. It was tricky to tell one from the other, but after unearthing an old, rarely used variable in my code, I used that to key on the ones that are safe to delete vs. not. Yay for code archeology?

Anyway, I think I have another of those to tackle tomorrow. Combat seems to crash, and I'm betting it's a similar issue. We shall see tomorrow!