Bugs and Store Stuff

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Believe it or not, I've had some spare time lately to actually play games. So I decided to finally pick up 7 Days to Die per some players' recommendations. Pretty cool! Kinda feels like Skyrim and Minecraft mushed together in a slightly fantasy-like zombie apocalypse. I'm enjoying it!

Back at work, I tried to tackle a mix of bug fixes and launch tasks for NEO Scavenger mobile. One of the bug fixes was for something I broke while fixing another issue. I was making the decimal output of certain numbers two digits, but ended up breaking one place when fixing another. Those are both fixed now.

I also helped Tiago a bit with narrowing down the cause of a null pointer bug. Could be a case of items getting destroyed during combat turn refresh, but the game still having references to their empty (nullified) husks.

And speaking of Tiago, he thinks he'll be able to resume committing full-time to the game again now that he's (mostly) settled into his new apartment. Which is good! Because I think I've been having trouble mustering the motivation to go this last mile alone. They say the last 10% of gamedev takes 90% of the effort, and man, does it ever feel like it.

Outside of the code, I went through the list of achievements to rewrite them in a style more consistent with other games. E.g. present tense, short title, short description. I also resisted the urge to drop too many pop culture references. (It was hard, believe me.)

And while I was at it, I shored-up the store page text for both Google and Apple pages so they were consistent, and created a 180x120 promo graphic to fill Google's older device requirements.

Plus, a handful of admin tasks like paying bills, replying to vendors, etc. Not a bad day, now that I look at it in review. Not terribly exciting, but I think I nailed at least a few boring-yet-necessary tasks. More to come, for sure :)