More Icons and Admin

Hey Folks! Not much to show today. I ended up reworking the iOS icon a bit after some test runs. I eventually settled on a border to help segregate the icon from the home screen wallpaper, but getting that border aligned to iOS's rounded corners was a bear. And to make things worse, it appears to change with iOS version.

Fortunately, I was able to nab the svg file iOS uses to mask the icon directly from iTunes Connect, and use that to build my border. And the border itself isn't too hard to make in Illustrator. Then, once I've got the border/background done in vector art, I use Photoshop to add the pixel art character to the icon. Photoshop has some handy tools for scaling a vector layer with antialiasing while the pixel art layer remains nearest neighbor (a.k.a. point sampling). Not a thing one often does in games (it's a bit of a no-no), but for an icon like this, I think it makes sense. The icon looks like any other system icon, but with the subject made out of a pixel art sprite.

I guess we'll see if the world agrees soon :)

That was (unfortunately) the bulk of the day. Seems silly to spend so long on a simple icon, but it is an important asset. Many folks decide whether to click on your app based on that single image!

The little remaining time I had was spent on more admin stuff. However, Josh sent a revision of his latest track my way, so at least I have something to look forward to tomorrow :)